Cress Heads!

Making Cress Heads is always such a fun activity for little ones! It's a great way to teach them about science and growing from seed, not to mention - growing your own food! You can make cress heads in egg shells, using tights or even in yogurt pots, but we decided to make ours in baby food jars! 

Baby food jars are such a fantastic size for kids crafts, and they are nice and sturdy, plus no need to buy any unnecessary plastic either. I really recommend this activity for a fun weekend activity with your little ones!

You Will Need:
* Empty & clean baby food jars
* cotton wool balls
* cress seeds
* Googly eyes or paint pens

This is definitely an activity little ones can do pretty much unaided (but supervised!) and all they will need to do is;
1. Dip two or three cotton balls in water and allow them to soak up the water.
2. Pop the cotton balls into the bottom of the jars
3. Sprinkle the cress seeds all over the damp cotton wool
4. Decorate the outside of the jars by drawing cute little faces or sticking on googly eyes!
5. Give it a few days and your cress heads will soon have some awesome hairstyles, plus you can eat the cress too! Yum!

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