Illnesses and NHS Care

Ever since I was pregnant with the little girl, we've had a few hospital visits each. From scary worries during pregnancy (loss of blood, lack of movements - luckily all ok!), accidents and illnesses. Honestly, I don't know where we would be without the NHS. 

With all the cuts and lack of funding that's happened, can you imagine a country without it? If I'm honest, I don't understand why people don't fight for it more! (Sure, it might be because they don't need to use our national healthcare, as can freely pay for their own, but most of us aren't so lucky.) Whenever I've been to hospital or even the doctors, I've never felt like they aren't doing their job properly, they aren't kind or understanding. They've always helped, listen and reassured me and any problems we might have. 

Where would we be without them? Could you afford private healthcare? What if you or someone in your family received an upsetting diagnosis, could you afford to help them? Could you afford to give birth and receive aftercare? I couldn't.

I know everyone has different experiences, illnesses left untreated perhaps, medical negligence or incorrectly diagnosed issues - but I still feel life would be so different with the NHS.

After reading this post about people willing choose to not vaccinate their children (absolutely disgusting and irresponsible behaviour if you ask me!), and I received a comment about how children suffered dizzy spells from receiving vaccinations - I get it. I understand why people feel disappointed, or let down by the NHS. It's always shocking and upsetting when a huge service like that, does something wrong. But could you really cope without them?

What do you think?

* This is a collaborative post

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