5 Ways To Make A Bad Day Better

We all have really awful days. The days that just don't seem to be getting better, and only seem to be getting worse. When all your problems feel like they are building up and you don't know how to cope with them, but the truth is, you are probably making them seem a lot worse than they are. You need to take a step back, take some breaths and remember it's okay not to be okay sometimes.

Taking A Step Back
Taking a breathe and having a moment to your self, before you do anything else is so important. It's easier said than done when you are a mum, but even if it means you just step into the kitchen for 5 minutes - take a breather. Have a cuppa, sit in silence for a while.

Shut Out The Negative Thoughts
When it seems like you are having a bad day, it can come on so quickly. The day might start off ok, then one problem arises and the negative thoughts appear and soon your problems seem to be snowballing and your day feels like it's getting worse and worse. It's probably not, it's just the negative thoughts and ideas at the back of your head making things seem so much worse. So shut out those negative thoughts in the back of your mind saying "what's the point" and "I can't do this". And switch them for more positive ideas and motivation.

Look After Yourself
Self Care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. 'Bad Days' are often caused by you being too hard on..you. You are working yourself too hard, trying to do too much at once, worrying about 101 things at the same time and you just can't. Take an hour, or an evening and do something just for you. You are so important, and you need to look after you too. 

Tick One Thing Off Your To-Do List
As I mentioned above, you often feel like you are having a bad day when you are putting too much on yourself. It is impossible to keep going constantly throughout the day, and when you regularly write yourself a massive to-do list - it feels like such a bummer when at the end of the day, your list is all ticked off. So don't do it to yourself! Putting so much pressure on yourself on a daily basis is unhealthy, and it makes you miserable. So make your life easier, and make yourself happier by creating a much shorter to-do (if you have too) and work at ticking off one thing that day. If you manage more than one, that's amazing. If you just manage to do that one thing well, that's amazing too.

Go To Bed Early
This goes hand in hand with taking care of yourself, but it is so important to get enough sleep. Especially when you feel you are overworking and stressing yourself out, so tonight go to bed earlier. Make a hot chocolate, read a good book and snuggle under your covers. Take that time for you, and get your beauty sleep. You need it and deserve it!

So there we are, 5 simple ways you can make any bad day a little bit better.
How do you like to make yourself feel better on a bad day?

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