Aldi School Uniform {Bargain Buys}

I've always known that Back To School time was going to be an expensive time, and truth is - I've been dreading it! I feel like it's even more expensive as my little girlie is starting school, so we literally have to buy everything! Aside from the School jumpers and shoes, I decided to go down the cheaper route and buy the uniform from supermarkets, and I actually bought most of it from Aldi. As I've never bought uniform before, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I have to say I am very, very impressed!

I remember my mum mentioning the Aldi school uniform last year, so I knew that would be the first shop I was going to head to! Aldi has a fantastic Back To School event, where they are selling a huge range of uniform as well as PE kits, bags, bottles and even shoes and trainers!

I picked up a selection from items which included;
* 2 Pack Of White PE T-Shirts (£1.79 for 2 pack)
* 3 Pack Tights (£3.99 for 3 pairs)
* Girls Pleated Skirt (£2.25 each)
* Girls Trousers (£2.25 each)
* Jogging Bottoms (£2.99 each)
* 5 Pack Girls Ankle Socks (£1.79 for 5 pack)

The socks and tights feel really great quality, and are such an incredible price! The white t-shirts look really well made, and fit perfectly, definitely true to size. I am incredibly impressed with the jogging bottoms, they are very true to size and feel so snuggly and warm! Perfect for outdoor PE sessions at school. 

But what I am most impressed with, and would really recommend to anyone - are the trousers and skirts. My little girlie has a very dinky waist so I was unsure of what size to buy. She's only 4, but age 4 clothes are often too big for her, and I thought that age 3 clothes might be too small. So I decided to go for age 4-5. When she tried them out, they were slightly too large and I was so disappointed!

But then I noticed this little waistband, meaning the skirts and trousers are adjustable! Not only does this mean that the 4-5 size will fit her, as I can make them tighter, but they will grow with her and can be adjusted for a long time as she gets bigger! Such a fantastic little idea, and a great way to save money for the future too!

So now her trousers and skirts fit perfectly, and will continue to fit for a good while longer!
Plus, I love the detail on the trousers, they're so cute!

All the items look really well made, and look lovely on her. I'd absolutely 100% recommend checking out the Aldi Back To School range, if you are looking to stock up on school uniform but are on a budget!

This post was not sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation, I bought the uniform myself.

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