Making Yourself A Priority

As a mum myself I know, for sure that one thing we all struggle to do is put ourselves first. It's almost an automatic thing that happens, possibly when your first baby is born - but more likely when you see that positive + on the pregnancy test. Life is no longer about you, it no longer revolves around you and from now on, you have this gorgeous little life to take care of, to devote your whole world to. Don't get me wrong, that is the most amazing (if overwhelming) feeling in the universe but it can definitely be a struggle when you are not your main focus anymore. Your babies will, from then on, always come first, and you will come somewhere on the very bottom on your list of priorities. 

But that's not OK. You have this huge list of priorities, your babies being number one, your other half being number two, and a million and one other things...then there's you. You. You wonderful, amazing person who has nurtured and grown a human being inside you. Awaited patiently (who's patient during pregnancy?!) for your bundle of joy to arrive, and spent every waking minute with your focus entirely on them. You begin to feel exhausted, drained, lost sight of who you once were - and let's be honest here, probably let your health slip a bit! Us Mama's need to remember that we are a priority too! 

How can you possibly expect to take care of anyone else, if you are not taking care of yourself. That's where one of my favourite quotes of all time comes in - "You can't pour from an empty cup". And you can't, it's virtually impossible. Days when you haven't washed, haven't drank enough, didn't sleep enough the night before or haven't had the time to pop some mascara on and look a bit more awake - those are the days you struggle the most. 

(Side Note - The early days after you give birth WILL BE LIKE THIS. No matter what. And they should be! You've just done a miraculous thing. But I'm talking about the weeks, months (years!) afterwards, when you're still not taking care of you!)

Self Care is something I strongly believe should be a fixed (even scheduled if needs be) part of your life, something you do on a regular basis and make time for. A few things that make you feel like you, activities that you do - just for you can make the world of difference to your health and well being. But I feel that Self Care are more specific tasks, things you enjoy doing for yourself, but right now if you feel like you don't even have time for that (make time though, trust me.), prioritize the little things.  

Go to bed a little earlier, catch up on those much needed Zzz's and if you do happen to get woken up as soon as the sun comes up (4am at the moment. I should know!) Grab 5 more minutes in the morning to shower, and make yourself look remotely human. Make sure you eat the right amount of meals, and enough fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of fluids. Ensure you don't overfill your schedule, or cram in far too much on your to-do list, be nicer to yourself! Just look after you, make yourself a priority! Even if you are #3 on the list, put yourself and your needs at the top. 
Look after yourself, Mama.

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