Succulent Plants - Thank You Gift For Teachers & Nursery Workers {DIY}

This is the first year where I've actually bought any teacher, or nursery worker a gift! I've always done cards, for every occasion but this year it's extra special as my little girl is leaving nursery and moving on to school! So I thought it was definitely time to get the staff a gift, the trouble is, there's a lot of them! With 10 staff members in total, one main key worker and 2 members who have kept a close eye on my girlie ever since she started - that's a lot of staff to buy gifts for. 

So I had a long hard think about exactly what I could get for them, and I've read the vast amount of posts about what not to get, so I decided to buy 10 little succulent plants - and spruce them up a bit, make them pretty! Honestly, I love how these have turned out! 10 cute little individual gifts for such a bargain price. *This post contains affiliate links

For these little succulents gifts, you will need;
* Succulents (of course) 
* White Acrylic Paint
* Gold Paint Pen
* Varnish
* Skewers
* Tape

1. Firstly I decided to paint the pots. I started off with a couple of coats of white acrylic paint (be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly in between).

2. I then used my gold paint pen to add some little polka dots to the pots, cute already right?

3. I then added a thin layer of varnish to the pots, to make them pretty and shiny. If you are painting acrylic paint onto plant pots, you'll need some kind of varnish.

4. Next up, I made these sweet little signs to stick into the pots. I whipped up this image, printed 10 on a page, onto white card and cut them out.

{Print me}

5. Cut the skewers to the correct size, I managed to make 3 using each stick.
6. Stick the little images onto the skewers using tape, and pop them into the pots.

You could totally make a larger version of this using a bigger succulent in a pot too (perhaps if you only have 1 or 2 people to buy for!) Let me know what you think of my little succulent gifts!

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