That Envious Modern Home Look

*This is a collaborative post You’re either going to be into that modern home look, or you’re going to be into something a bit more oldschool and retro. But for those of you who are into the modern home look, this one is going out to you. Because overall getting a home to look nice and modern is the most popular thing to do, and it’s pretty each to do as well. It might not be easy on the pocket, but to decide that needs adding and what wouldn’t when trying to do this is pretty straight forward. But for some, getting the motivation to change what would need to be changed is pretty difficult. The more time you spend in your home, and the more time you spend in other people's homes, the more you will realise that you do want something more modern. There’s nothing worse than going into another person's home, seeing something ultra modern, and getting a bit of home envy. So, by the end of this article, we want you to have a bit of home envy with your own home, by giving you a few ideas that should help to give it that envious modern home look that it might be missing. Have a read on to find out more.

Focus On The Failing Rooms

If you want that modern look in your home, you’re first going to have to focus on the rooms that are failing. Some homes really struggle with this, and a lot of it is due to the age of the home. If you’ve bought a new build home, you probably won’t have an issue with a failing room until many years down the line. But, one room that we do think fails quite quickly, because it’s often the last room to be considered when getting updated, is the bedroom. The bedroom is arguably the best room in the home, but we don’t update the decor because we’re so focused on the rooms that people can actually see. What that leaves us with, is outdated decor, flat and hard carpet, and furniture that could use a little TLC. So, when thinking about the bedroom, we’re going to suggest that the carpet goes first. Once it has been stood on that many times, it loses that bounce and comfort that we all know and love about fairly new carpet. Plus, all the girls reading this will know that it’s easy enough to get a spillage or two of a bit of makeup on the carpet, leaving a nice stain you wish you didn’t have. So, rip that out, and get a new colour installed. We recommend something dark, like a darker grey, just so you don’t get any obvious spillages and ruin it. If you sit on the floor to do your makeup, we would also recommend that you buy a rug to sit on. Not only does it look great, but it’s easier to replace than carpet if you get something on it. A low to the ground bed, with white or grey sheets will set off the carpet. If you can, get a black bed frame that’s a chunky padded material, rather than wood. Keep the walls white, with one feature wall, and your blinds and curtains darker. If you then finish the look with a white dressing table, you really have created an ultra modern room to be proud of! All the colours and the styles that we’ve mentioned at the minute are all the rage!

Take Some Inspo

You could have so many different images in your head of what you would like your home to look like, but how many of them would actually look good. It’s easy to see bits and bobs when browsing, and putting them all together as one big picture in your head. But this picture might not always work, so we urge you to do some room by room research, If you went on Instagram for example, and found yourself some interior decor pages to follow, you would have your eyes opened to a world of modern and contemporary home designs that you could easily use for your own home. There are people out there who are trained in modern interior decor, and they can get paid and sponsored to posts the post that they do, so you know the inspo you’re getting is going to be from a top notch professional. If you wanted to push the boat out a little further, you could always bring a professional into your home. Someone who can analyse every room, and give you their advice about what would look good with the space you have to work with.

Bring In The Professionals

Just like with bringing in an interior decor specialist, sometimes you just have to let the professionals do something to bring your home into the modern day era. One room we know you’ll love to have this done to, is the bathroom. It’s a place of relaxation, and sometimes even stress for a lot of people. If a bathroom is old and outdated, and showing many different cracks, then you know it’s time to do something about it. All you need to do is consult a bathroom fitter, and find a bathroom that you would want fitted. You can update your bathroom taps, shower, toilet, basin, and pretty much anything else you can think of when having your bathroom redone. If there’s something that they think they can’t do, they most likely won’t fit the bathroom for you! It’ll set you back a couple of thousand, but a modern bathroom has that modern look for years!

Subtle Little Changes

There are some subtle little changes you can make, that could well make a big difference to your home. We’ve already spoke about one in the bedroom, and that’s swapping out the carpet. Considering the only thing that will be changed is a bit of material on the floor, it really does play a big part. Fresh fluffy carpet does look modern, and as long as the rest of the home isn’t completely outdated, it will make the room look pretty new. You could also think of updating things like accessories that you have, and things such as coffee tables. If you’re making smaller changes like this, one by one, the room will slowly begin to look more modern. You don’t always need to do a massive makeover of a room to make a difference.

Outside Touch Ups

It isn’t always about the inside of the home, the outside plays a pretty big part in that as well. The more modern the outside of your home looks, the better the impression that you’re going to be able to give people. Update your windows, or have some new, more modern frames installed. Focus on the simple little things, such as the painting of the outside of the home. If you have wooden window frames, and a painted door and garage, a lick of paint is going to be able to make all of the difference. Plus, it isn’t exactly and expensive change to make. One that is however, is getting your driveway resurfaced. Again, as silly as it might sound, something so simple as changing what the floor looks like can make a big difference to the outside of your home. You could go for the stone look, or the concrete pavement look, or even the gravel look. As long as it’s fresh, clean, and flat, it will look nice against a freshly mowed piece of grass as well. As a final touch, you could put hanging baskets outside your front door, and fill them with pretty bright flowers!

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