11 Wonderful Ways To Spend Time Alone

Having some alone time is so important when it comes to self care. Self care isn't just about pampering or relaxing, it's about giving yourself some me-time, time to recharge your batteries. The trouble often is though that people don't know what to do when they are alone! If you spend hours taking care of your little ones, or in the company of others and then you suddenly have time to yourself it can be difficult to know how to make the most of that time! 

I'm sharing a few ideas today, of how to make the most of that precious me-time, us mums all crave sometimes!

Get Outside
Go for a walk around where you live, or maybe even hop on your bicycle and go for a bike ride. Getting outside in the fresh air can do absolute wonders for your mood, your health and your general wellbeing. Don't take anything that will distract you, just embrace the air and nature around you.

Make A Good Mood Playlist
Make a playlist of all your favourite songs, all the songs that make you feel good. Songs, maybe other people in the house don't want to listen to for the 100th time but you will always love. This can then be your playlist when you are getting ready in the morning, or when you are perhaps trying another item on the list below!

Try A New Hobby
We should all continue learning throughout our entire lives, not just while we are in education! So why not try out a new hobby? There is such a huge variety of hobbies you could give a go, and you never know - you might discover something you absolutely love! If not, it's still fun trying new things! 

Go Out For Tea/Coffee/Lunch
Many people dread the thought of going to a cafe or coffee shop alone, but there's nothing to be scared of! It can be such an interesting and relaxing experience. You can just sit there in silence, or perhaps take a notebook or book. Even your laptop if you need to get some work done. The time away from home will feel like a break and hey, you might actually get to drink a hot drink while it's still hot!

Express Your Creativity
Getting creative is important for any age, and gender, any experience! Whether or not you think you are a 'creative person' or if you have any skills whatsoever, that's not the point! The point is about expressing yourself, and who your are. It gives you the freedom to do what you want and expand your skills. So why not do some colouring, bake something delicious or try your hand at a craft or two. It's so much fun, trust me - even if the end result isn't something you'd want on display!

Read A Book
You know that book that's been on your nightstand for a good month or two, or the one you recently bought but haven't had the time to sit down and read it - the time is now. Make yourself a cuppa, and sit down with a good book. As the colder weather will soon be appearing it's the perfect time to snuggle under a blanket with a book too. 

Take A Nap
Did you know, naps are actually really good for you? Having a daytime nap between 15 - 90 minutes can help to recharge your batteries, boost memory and focus and even improve your night time sleeping patterns. Naps seem like such a luxury, so grab them when you can!

Do Something Festive/Seasonal
If there's a holiday coming up, why not do something festive to celebrate it. If not, try something more seasonal instead. For example, in the Autumn why not whip up a batch of toffee apples and go for a woodland walk amongst the leaves? Or if it's nearly Christmas, you could have a walk around where you live and see all the Christmas lights, or snuggle down with a hot chocolate and a Christmas movie!

Treat Yourself
When you have children, shopping can be such a chore!  So why not make the most of your alone time, and go on a mini shopping trip. Grab a coffee when you're out, and treat yourself a little. You can stroll around the shops happily, and peacefully without some nagging in your ear every 10 seconds. WIN.

Pamper Yourself
Although Self Care isn't all about pampering yourself, there's something so wonderful about sprucing yourself up a bit! Take a long, hot, bubbly bath and put a face mask on. Listen to your Good Mood Playlist and just lie there, in the peace and quiet. Maybe light a few candles, and paint your nails too. 

Make A List Of Goals & Plan
One of my favourite things to do (no matter how lame it seems) when I have time alone to myself, I absolutely love making lists! I love writing goal lists, things I what to do that week, that month, that season, throughout my life! It's all well and good writing a list of goals, but you need a plan to achieve them! Take one step towards one goal today, and you'll feel amazing!

What is your favourite thing to do when you manage to grab some alone time?

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