Make Your Own Terrarium! {Tutorial}

I've always loved the look of terrariums! There's something so lovely about them, and I am currently collecting house plants so I thought this craft would be perfect. (Not to mention, I've had all the supplies needed for months now!) So here goes, my first ever terrarium! *This post contains affiliate links

"Shoot me down, but I won't fall - I am TERRARIUM!"

You Will Need:
* A Clear Glass Or Plastic Container
(I used a plastic cocktail bowl!)
* Small Stones
* Activated Charcoal
* Moss
* Plants (I used succulents)
* Ornaments and decorative pieces

1. Place a 1-2 inch layer of small stones along the bottom of your container
2. Scatter 1/2 an inch of activated charcoal on top of the stones, making sure it is spread out evenly.
3. Next, add a 1-2 inch layer of moss on top of the charcoal.
4. Add a few inches of potting soil on top, and add your plants.
5. Finish it off with a few decorations, and you're done!

Super simple and quick to make, but really effective! Why did it take me so long to make it?! I love how mine turned out. 
Will you be making your own terrarium?

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