Utilise Your Garden Space - Create A 'Woman Cave'!

Wouldn't you just love a little place in your garden, just of your very own. Your own sacred place, a Woman Cave or She Shed. Somewhere you can escape to when you need to wind down or crack on with some work, or maybe just escape from your kids when they are driving you insane!

*This is a collaborative post

You always hear about Man Caves, so why can't women have their own little space too? Turning a garage, shed or garden room into a Woman Cave can be a great way to utilise your garden space this summer (and stop you losing your mind over the summer holidays too!)

If I had my own Woman Cave, I know exactly how it would look. I'd have a beautiful desk in the middle, so I could work in peace and a comfy desk chair to go with it. I'd fill it with plants and greenery and lots of comfy cushions and beanbags. Some throws and a few books too, for the times when I need to escape, but I'd rather be doing anything than work. Most of all I'd make it a comfy, safe, relaxing place to be. My Woman Cave wouldn't necessarily just be for me, it could be a lovely place for a cuppa and a catch up with friends or a place to spend some quiet, quality time with my little ones. 

If you are looking to create your own woman cave, or just make the most of your outside space, you could look into garden rooms from Lidget Compton which enable you to create the garden room you've dreamt of and it can even be made so it blends in with your home. 

I wouldn't make my Woman Cave really girly or anything, just a comfy & relaxing haven - saying that though, I would absolutely love the outside of it to be surrounded by plants, roses and flowers growing up the outside. Ohhh a girl can dream right?

What would your Woman Cave look like?

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