Our Autumn Bookshelf 2018

I am absolutely obsessed with anything Autumn. I love it all so much, and I think it's such a fascinating and exciting time of year for children. There's so many beautiful changes going on, it's wonderful for little ones to really embrace the changing seasons. We have put together a little display of our favourite Autumn Themed books, and I wanted to share them with you today. {This post contains affiliate links}

Oliver's Wood
Oliver's Wood is a super sweet story we've recently discovered. It's about a little owl who accidentally stays up late and discovers all the things he doesn't see during the daytime. It's a lovely way to teach little ones  about nocturnal animals, and the importance of friendship. It's just a really sweet little book. 

Lullabyhullaballoo is a fantastic little story. I remember it from my childhood as it used to be my brother's favourite book and he used to read it and carry it around with him constantly! My little ones have got quite a few Mick Inkpen stories, as they are such classics. Lullabyhullaballoo is about a little princess who is having trouble falling asleep because all the forest animals, ghosts and goblins are being too noisy and keeping her awake! With rhymes and fold out pages throughout, plus repetitive phrases that your little ones will love joining in with!

Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear!
Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear is the perfect Autumn book for little ones! It's about a cute bear who doesn't want to go into hibernation, as he's sad he'll miss out on all the fun of Autumn! But his friends look after him, and make sure he doesn't miss out on any of the fun activities. It's such a sweet story about friendship and all the exciting things that happen throughout the season.

Farmer Duck
Another book I remember reading with my younger siblings! All about a lovely, busy little duck who works hard on the farm alone. But one day he plucks up the courage to ask for some help, and all his friends step in. The illustrations are lovely and it has a great moral to the story too. 

I'm Not Sleepy!
I'm Not Sleepy has been one of our favourites for a while now. It's fun to read, and very relatable for your little ones! It's about a baby owl who refuses to accept how tired he is and turns into a bit of a grouch because of it. My little enjoy the repetitiveness of the story, and it makes me laugh because it's literally what a cheeky little toddler would say - 'I was yawning because I am bored!' (Not tired, of course, no way!).

That's Not My Hedgehog
You can't go wrong with a 'That's not my..' book! We love them! A wonderful, touchy feely board book, aimed at toddlers but older children will love it too. Plus, very seasonal appropriate too, and who doesn't love hedgehogs!

Does your little one have a favourite Autumn book?

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