Tips & Tricks You Need To Know If Your Child Is Starting School

Starting Primary School is a drastic change for both parents and children. It's so different moving from nursery, or from being at home to starting big school and it can't start to feel overwhelming. There's a whole list of things you all need to do, lots of back to school shopping to do so I decided to put together a quick list of some fantastic advice for parents who have already been through it with their little ones.
Tips & Tricks You Need To Know If Your Child Is Starting School

Make It Through The First Day
"Try not to cry in front of them. I did last year and I think I terrified them as they wondered what the hell I was sending them to!" - Twinderelmo

"Don't be sad that you have lost your baby now they have started school. They will always need you for something..even when they are fully grown!" - Southern Mummy

Be Prepared
"Label everything as soon as it starts disappearing or they come home with someone else's jumper on that's three sizes too small."

"Prepare lunches the day before to save rushing around in the mornings!" - Mummy's Diary

"Make a jar that you can add change into it, or the odd £1 for any non uniform days that pop up" - Mummy Cat Notes

"Meet them after school with a snack - they will be hungry!" - Navigating Baby

"Create a grab and go area. Ours is right by our back door. It should include bookbags, shoes, coats, pe kit, homework books, we also have our hair products and sun cream in ours. It can be a godsend!" - Spencer's Arc

"The first term they are at school, they'll catch everything. Be prepared for tummy bugs, illnesses, chickenpox is common the first term of school, and headlice! Get into a habit of checking with a detection comb once a week when you wash their hair, and continue until they are about 35" - The Brick Castle

Let Them Adjust At Their Own Pace
"Don't put your child into every club, kids need down time and deserve a break!" - Reclusive Fox

"The first term is tiring and they may have a meltdown when they get home. Try to stay calm and give lots of cuddles. They've got a lot going around in their heads. Asking them what they have done all day is difficult. I ask questions like 'Did you got in the hall or outside for PE today?' or 'Who did you play with today?'..I tend to get more out of them this way. If I ask 'What did you do today?', they don't know because there is too much to remember.." - Dillydrops

"If they struggle to settle in at first, don't focus on negatives but instead ask them what their favourite part of the day was" - Just Average Jen

"Don't worry if they refuse to tell you what they've been doing at school. Some children see school as being their thing and won't want to share their experiences with you. They'll slip up eventually and spill everything though!" - With Love From Lou

A Few Extra Things You Need To Know! 
"There will be an Alpha Mum and you'll be slightly scared of her. Don't panic though, it's completely normal!" - Crummy Mummy

"Just because they don't cry in the 1st month or 2 when you drop them off, don't think you've cracked it. They can start at any time and it did with my youngest!" - Household Money Saving

"Expect that after 2 or 3 days, they will declare they have done school and don't need to go anymore! (This has happened with all 6 of mine, and I'm sure it will happen with number 7 when he starts in a few weeks!)" - Big Family Organised Chaos

"Fight the urge to compare your child's progress with other children. It doesn't matter, all children will come into their own eventually!" - Motherhood Diaries

"If your child comes home with too much homework, don't be afraid to let the teacher know. I used to spend all evening fighting about homework.." - Where The Heart Is

And Last But Certainly Not Least
"Take a deep breath and remember, the teachers know what they are doing!" - The Mum Diaries

Do you have any advice for first time school parents?
Tips & Tricks You Need To Know If Your Child Is Starting School

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