{Kids Craft} Adorable Autumn Wreaths

Chilly, foggy Autumn mornings are the absolute perfect time for a nature walk. It's quiet and peaceful as people are still tucked up in their beds. Wrapping up warm in our wellies, coats and scarves. We headed out for a morning walk over the weekend and collected up a basket full of colourful, vibrant Autumn leaves.

We decided we were going to make some cute Autumn wreaths when we got home! 

Kids Craft Adorable Autumn Wreaths

For our wreaths, all you will need is;
* A colourful selection of Autumn leaves
* Cardboard 
* Circle templates (one big, one a bit smaller)
* Thread
* Glue

1. I cut out the wreaths using the bigger circle for the outside, and the smaller circle inside, so you have something that looks like this;

2. Let your little ones go crazy, decorating their wreaths however they wish. Covering the card circles in glue and sticking on different colour and different sizes of leaves.

3. Leave the wreaths to dry, and when they are you can attach a thread loop onto the back on the wreaths and hang them up on display!

I think they turned out absolutely adorable, and a perfect way to add a touch of Autumn to your home!

Will you be giving these a go with your little ones?
Kids Craft Adorable Autumn Wreaths

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