Halloween Family Friendly Party Playlist

Halloween is here! Which means it's time to dig out the costumes, or whip up something completely last minute. Tip all of your chocolate and sweets in a pumpkin shaped bowl, and prepare for any Halloween festivities!

If you are the one hosting, maybe an after dark party for adults, or a less than spooky Halloween daytime get together for your little ones and their friends - you'll need music!

I needed to whip together a playlist for our annual family friendly Halloween party, so I thought I'd share it with you today, and save you the hassle!

(Please bare in mind, all of these songs are more aimed at younger children, so you wont find anything scary or too creepy, but you will find a couple of Disney tunes in here)


This Is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas

You can't have a Halloween playlist, without including this absolutely iconic song can you!? I'm not ashamed to say this song has been playing in this house for the past 30 days.

Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte

Probably the least scary song on here, but once you know the movie it's in, it makes it scary! The film terrifies me but this song is AMAZING!

Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

I've loved this song since it was released, it's so good! The vocals make it a little creepy, but the video is spooky too. Perfect for a family friendly Halloween!

These are just a few of the songs included in the playlist, have a look and see what else I've included!

What's your favourite Halloween song?

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