Homemade Pumpkin Play Dough

As it's Autumn, and Halloween will soon be here - we decided to whip up a batch of fun, scented Halloween themed Pumpkin Play Dough!
Homemade Pumpkin Play Dough

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I love making play dough, and since I came across this super easy recipe, it's so quick to make a big batch of it. We haven't made any for a while, and have been playing with the same, squashed together, brown coloured, slightly crusty play dough. 

So I thought it was time to make some fresh, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit, than to make it Halloween themed!

Homemade Pumpkin Themed Play Dough

Homemade Pumpkin Play Dough

For this super easy play dough, we followed this fool proof recipe, adding a dash of orange food colouring and pumpkin spice essential oil! 

I decided to get out my Halloween themed cookie cutters too, to really get into the halloween spirit.

It literally took us about 10 minutes to make, but it provides hours of fun! When we were finished playing, we stored it in these baby food jars, decorated with pumpkin faces! Cute, right?

(Quick note, if you use essential oil like I did, it makes the play dough no longer "taste safe" for little ones who like to put everything in their mouths - so just keep that in mind. The essential oil is absolutely not essential haha.)

Will you be giving this a go with your little ones?


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Homemade Pumpkin Play Dough

Homemade Pumpkin Themed Play Dough DIY

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