Little Tikes STEM Jr - Tornado Tower & Builder Bot {Review}

Little Tikes are such a fantastic brand when it comes to toys. They always have a huge variety of age appropriate, educational, exciting and timeless toys. (I mean, Crazy Coupes! Haven't they been around forever!?). That's why I was so excited to be given the opportunity for my little ones and I to review a couple of toys from their fantastic new STEM Jr range!
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Stem skills are apparent in every aspect of our daily lives, and encouraging children to explore and learn these real life skills can help them become better learners and problem solvers. The Stem Jr range from Little Tikes encourage your little ones' development with lots of fun, hands on, educational activities to enjoy! 

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We were given the opportunity to review the Builder Bot and the Tornado Tower.

The Builder Bot is seriously the coolest little robot I've seen! The Builder Bot is a brightly coloured mix and match toy, which allows your little ones to use their imaginations and build whatever they can think up. He's a nice and chunky size, which means he's suitable for younger children too! Builder Bot comes with 12 different parts, and 4 different experiments you can try together. Of course, they don't have to follow the instructions by any means. 

The robot can be created in any way, which allows him to do different things such as move on wheels or walk. I am really impressed with this little guy, it's so much fun to switch him up and create whatever type of robot your little one wants, and it's a fantastic way of introducing your little ones to the world of engineering.

I am also really impressed with the Tornado Tower, honestly my little ones were playing with this for well over an hour, only stopping because it was dinner time! The Tornado Tower looks like a toy blender, and it does work in a similar way. Using different ingredients, and following the experiments on the instruction cards - your children have the ability to create a mini tornado, or even a lava lamp effect. 

Of course, once again your little ones absolutely do not have to follow the instructions, they are just ideas after all. My little ones really loved adding different ingredients from the kitchen and watching closely what happens. If you push the lever it starts the tornado/mixing effect, or if they press the button, it creates bubbles. 

I really loved watching my little ones experiment, and having so much fun using their imaginations and discovering what would happen. Such a fantastic, fun but simple little toy, encouraging your little ones to try out their very own science experiments at home. Both toys are suitable for ages 3 and up.

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