Our First Real Christmas Tree

There is something so special about a real Christmas tree isn't there? Since we've been together, my husband and I have never had a real tree and we've just used the same bargain artificial tree each year. I've always felt it never quite looked right, but we simply couldn't have a real one with 2 little ones and lots of kittens running around the place! 

So this year was perfect, our little ones were now a bit older, and our cats had grown up too so there (hopefully!) wouldn't be anyone fiddling with the tree and climbing up it this year! So I absolutely jumped at the chance of reviewing a beautiful real 6ft Nordmann Fir tree!

The Christmas Forest is a fantastic family business that was founded 20 years ago, committed to selling real, sustainable and competitively priced Christmas trees. The Christmas Forest have a number of stores throughout London where you can go and pick your own tree (I'm very jealous!) Or if like me, you live too far away, you can opt for home delivery on your chosen date! Plus, they work alongside the brilliant charity Tree Aid - meaning every tree bought from Christmas Forest, a tree is planted in Africa! 

Our tree arrived promptly on our scheduled delivery date, it was stated that it would arrive before 6pm and it arrived at about 2pm. The tree arrived packaged well in netting and plastic, plus sturdy sticks to prevent damage during delivery. We also received a large plastic stand too. 

As soon as we unwrapped the tree I realised one of the reasons why real trees are so much more special than artificial - the smell! Our Christmas tree smelt absolutely amazing, a gorgeous fresh pine scent that fills the house and feels so very festive

The tree was so simple to set up, although it was heavy! But no faffing around clicking all the different pieces together, like you would have with an artificial tree, or rearranging the branches for half an hour so it doesn't look so fake! We propped up the tree into the stand, screwed it into place, filled up the water tray and it was ready to decorate! 

I am so incredibly impressed with our tree. It's so healthy and full, and we have had next to no needles falling (one of the main things I worried about happening)! I am pretty sure the only reason we have had any needles falling is the little ones like to rearrange the lower decorations, and our cats like to sit underneath it!

Whether you are looking for a table top 3ft tree, or a family sized 12 ft tree this year - look no further than The Christmas Forest!

This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. received the tree to review. All opinions are my own.

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