ALDI Baby & Toddler Event {January 2019}

The ALDI Baby & Toddler Event is back! In store from 10th January! I don't know about you but I absolutely love their baby and toddler events. There is always such a big selection of fantastic products, and ridiculously amazing prices! I couldn't wait to head in store and see what bargains I could pick up for my little ones!

* In collaboration with ALDI

As I mentioned, they always have a variety of different items on sale, from food to books, bedding, toys and even furniture! There will definitely be something you'll love at the event, and you'll love the prices even more!

I was kindly given a sneak peek at some of the products they have to offer during the event and I'm very impressed with them all!

I always used to stock up on these fantastic little food pouches when my children were small, I know I'm going to be purchasing again soon when baby 3 starts weaning! (But for now, my eldest girl is absolutely obsessed with them! Haha) They are 49p each, and you can't really go wrong with that can you!

New books are always something I love treating my little ones too. I never mind spending money on a new book or two! This fantastic Five Little Speckled Frogs Musical Book is a total steal at £1.79 and this Mickey Mouse Bath Book is only £2.99!

Baby Shampoo is an essential when you've got really little ones, infact my 3 & 5 year old still use it now! It's perfect for their sensitive skin, but still cleans their hair just as well. This excellent Baby Shampoo from Aldi is only....65p!! The lovely packs of cute bath toys are only £3.99!

You can't not stock up on nappies and wet wipes when there's such a fabulous sale on can you!? I can now officially say I'm fully stocked for when baby #3 makes her arrival! You are not going to believe what a bargain their Newborn Nappies are, only 85p for a 24 pack! You can see now why I've stocked up! Aldi's award winning Extra Sensitive Wet Wipes are so fantastic too at only 59p!

These Baby Food Freezer Pods are the coolest thing ever! I really love them! They allow you to freeze individual portions of baby food you've made, and as they are made of silicone you can just pop a portion out whenever you need it. It's such a fab idea and I'd really recommend picking some up if you are currently weaning your little one! Each set is only £3.99!

Another fantastic unique little product are these Funky Mitts! (You can also get socks too!). They not only prevent your little ones from scratching their delicate skin but they have teething surfaces so babies can soothe their sore gums too! Such a fab idea and you can pick up one of these mitten for £4.99.

You can't go wrong with some cute Dribble Bibs for babies, and Aldi's selection are all such sweet patterns! (£2.79) And you can never ever have too many baby socks! Especially at this time of year, a lovely 5 pack of socks is only £2.49) Their prices are just unbelievable aren't they?!

Another thing you can never have too many of is Baby Bodysuits! With such adorable patterns, and ridiculously cheap prices (£2.99!) what's not to love!

Their Baby Sleepsuits are a bargain too at only £5.99 per 3 pack! They're really excellent quality, and I wanted to pick up a few more girlier bits for baby 3 and I thought these were perfect!

When I headed to the Baby & Toddler event, I realised there was infact one thing I hadn't bought for our baby, and that was any Muslin Cloths! I couldn't help choosing these adorable star print cloths, especially considering they were only £2.99! I also grabbed some really sweet Baby Tights as they were just too adorable to say no to! And only £2.79 too!

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share with you my 2 absolute favourite items I picked up at the Aldi Baby & Toddler Event. I really really love these items, and of course - such fantastic bargains too!

This incredibly adorable Baby Hat & Mitts set was just too perfect. I love that they are knitted, the colour is so cute and the pompoms on the hat just makes it more adorable! (£3.99)

And lastly, a new addition to the Baby & Toddler Event - this lovely Moses Basket & Stand! It's really excellent quality and would be the perfect starter bed for any newborn. It's padded and comes with a mattress, washable quilt and a sweet adjustable canopy. The stand is made of solid pine which means it's built to last. Plus the patterns that the Moses baskets come in are just so adorable! I can't believe they are only £29.99!

What do you think of the fantastic products for sale at this event? 
Have you popped in to have a look for yourself yet?

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