Pregnancy Update - 36 Weeks

I honestly can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by! We found out quite early on, so that's not the reason! I guess we've had a number of distractions, birthdays, Christmas which have made the time go by faster but it seems so surreal that baby 3 is due in less than a month now!

My previous pregnancies were very similar to each other (probably because they were so close!) but I knew what to expect the second time around, I knew when I'd feel different things, what I'd feel like through the trimesters but this pregnancy is totally different!

I didn't feel pregnant for a good while, and then all of a sudden after a few months it hit me, and I was absolutely exhausted! I could barely keep my eyes open for a whole day and was falling asleep constantly. Then the tiredness eased off a bit, and the heartburn arrived, and it's definitely not going anywhere! (Atleast this time I've stocked up on Rennie's so I can get through the days and nights!). 

With my eldest two, the absolute worst symptom I had, pretty much from the beginning was insanely sore boobs. It felt like daggers in my boobs every day, I'd scream and writhe in pain. It was worse than the labour itself I swear to you! With baby number 3 I haven't had that so much, I do have the odd moment but nothing like before. Which I am SO thankful for.

Aside from the heartburn, I've got the usual feet in the rib pain but apart from that I'm feeling pretty good! Still exhausted, but that's understandable! Daily naps are an essential at the moment. 

(Only a few stretchmarks! Not too bad!)

Baby Girlie is now the size of a Chihuahua or the size of a Papaya. That's quite big! My eldest girlie likes to be updated regularly on how big her sister is, which I find really sweet. Baby Girlie is also the wiggliest little monkey ever, constantly moving and turning over - which is a tad uncomfortable, but also really lovely and reassuring.

We've got pretty much everything ready to go now, although I haven't yet packed my bag - I need to get on that. But everything else is ready. Let's just hope she arrives on time!

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