Pregnancy Update - 39 Weeks

39 Weeks, 4 Days and counting. 

Counting every second of every day. Counting every time I feel a tiny niggle or cramp and it's driving me crazy! 

My other two weren't early, in fact they were both a day or so late so I don't know why I'm getting my hopes up so early on, but when you get to this stage you just can't help it can you!

I said to my husband earlier how disgusting and uncomfortable how I feel, surely it must be the beginning..and he, very rightly said that it's probably just me wanting to feel that way. I want it to be the beginning, I want those pains! I want something, anything to start happening!

I did see the midwife a couple of days ago and she told me baby has dropped right down, which is a good sign, but also now means that I'm becoming more impatient and find myself googling every tiny niggle to see if it's the start of labour but truth is - there is no one answer!

"Cramping pains, is this the start of labour?" 50% of people say yes, 50% say not necessarily.
"Feeling more tired and lethargic, is this the start of labour?" 50% of people say yes, again 50% say no.

The truth is NO ONE KNOWS. Until you start getting full blown contractions it can be near impossible to tell, so it's just the waiting game now. I'm not feeling ridiculously uncomfortable yet, heartburn has settled a bit and I'm still managing to sleep so that's all good.

I guess I've just got to wait it out now, at least until I'm actually 40 weeks (then I'm allowed to get annoyed and inpatient!) but I need to stop googling early labour symptoms before I drive myself crazy! Baby will arrive when she's ready. 

On the other hand, any tips for bringing on labour would be amazing!? Haha.

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