13 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas You Can Try Today

Random Acts Of Kindness are all well and good, but people tend to think random acts of kindness or RAOK's have to be this well planned, costly and extravagant gestures but that's not it at all. Being kind and expressing kindness should be something you do daily or at least on a regular basis!

RAOK's don't need to be difficult or time consuming either. A few things I do on a regular basis, and don't even really think any thing of anymore, includes letting people with less shopping than you (ow who are clearly in a rush!) skip ahead of you in the queue, or give genuine compliments to people, strangers or not! People love receiving compliments so it's always a nice thing to do!

With the help of a few other lovely bloggers I am sharing with you 13 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Try Today!

Say Hello!
"Say hello to neighbours - such a small thing but can make a big difference to someone's day" - My Boys Club

I absolutely 100% agree with this one. It's the easiest thing you can do and I do it on a daily basis if I happen to see any of my neighbours. It's just about being friendly, you don't need to stop and have a chat, just a simple "Good morning" can do wonders for your mood.

Write Happy Mail
"Kindness by mail. A little goes a long way in the mail, not many people at all use the mail these days. One idea is sending some teabags and a nice letter through the mail as a random act of kindness to a friend who needs a smile. Hardly costs anything and you can send it by normal letter too if you fit two teabags side by side in a standard envelope" -  Trips With A Tot

"I send postcards to the local nursing homes. It's really lovely especially for those with no family left." - The Family Ticket

Always Leave A Tip
"Always be courteous to waiters/waitresses at restaurant and leave a generous tip." - Mummy Owl

Again, so easy but so important! It's no easy job they have and the pay doesn't reflect that at all!

Donate To Food Banks
"When you go food shopping buy and extra couple of items to put into the foodbank You can help others and if you buy lower priced brands you can get a few tins or packets for just £1!" - Katy Kicker

Help Others When They Need You
"I always help people who look like they might need it on the train - parents with children and pushchairs or the elderly" - Yammy Mommy

"Help someone unload their trolley at the checkout, especially if elderly or there with young children. A lady did it for me so that I could pack the other end whilst the baby screamed and it was so lovely I nearly cried!" - Devon Mama

Just take note of your surroundings, if you see someone struggling just simply offer to help! Particularly mums (we often struggle in silence!) or the elderly.

Let Others Skip The Queue
"I often let people go ahead of me in a queue. Sometimes it's the little things in a day that help." - We Blog Travel

Buy A Treat 
"Buying a hot drink and a sandwich for someone living on the street" - Little Hearts, Big Love

"Pay for the person behind you's drink at a cafe" - Life With The Woodheads

Hand Out Flowers
"Grow flowers, then cut and hand out as gifts to random people on the street" - Monkey And Mouse


Donate Toys Or Baby Items To Children's Centre
"Taking brand new toys to the local children's centre so they can give them to families who can't afford to buy birthday presents for their children" - Plutonium Sox

You can also normally donate nappies or wet wipes to children's centres too!

Give Genuine Compliments
"I always choose to tell people I talk to something wonderful about themselves. 'You look wonderful, love your hair, wow, you are looking so well'. It's amazing how underneath we all feel a little empty, but giving compliments to others, doesn't just give the recipient a well-needed boost, but it gives you a warm fuzzy feel good factor" - Spinnin Plates

Leave Items For Others To Find
"Leaving unused carpark tickets on the machine! If i've paid for 4 hours but only used two, I leave the ticket on the machine so someone else can use the 2. It's teeny tiny but I always feel good when doing it. I've also been on the receiving end and it's the best!" - Becster.com

"I've left lottery tickets and scratchcards hidden inside books in shops.." - It's A Tink Thing

Litter Pick
"My family and I will often go and pick up litter in the local area or if we are out and about and spot some we pick it up and dispose of it. It i such a simple thing to do, and is being kind to the whole world..or at least the locals" - A Mother's Ramblings

Be Kind To Yourself!
It's all well and good spreading your kindness to others, but don't forget to be kind to yourself too! Why not buy that bouquet of flowers you really want, or treat yourself to an evening of self care?

How do you like to spread kindness?


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