5 Areas of Your Home You Forget to Clean

* This is a collaborative post

Cleaning your home can be a pain, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people rush through it so that they can get it out of the way. Unfortunately, when you rush, you cut corners: here are the areas of your home that you probably forgot to clean, which you should probably check next time you’re tidying up.

Under the bed

Raised beds are a great way to store things, but it’s easy to forgot that there’s even things underneath you while you’re sleeping. Not only that, but dust and dirt can easily build up there while you’re sleeping.

Behind radiators

Radiators are difficult to move, so it’s likely that you’ll just ignore them and move on to cleaning the rest of the room. It’s very easy for things to fall down behind one if it’s near a window ledge or high cupboard.

Under rugs

Some people buy rugs to cover up damaged bits of the floor, but others use them purely for their aesthetic value. Either way, you’ll see quite a lot of dust forming underneath it, especially if you’re always sweeping things under it to save time.

Inside kitchen equipment

Microwaves, toasters and ovens can all get filthy if you don’t clean them regularly, which can sometimes end up changing the taste and quality of the food you make. This is even more important true if you often cook fatty food, since the grease might linger for a long time.

Washing appliances

Washing machines, tumble dryers and other cleaning gear can get equally filthy if you’re always using them to wash off dirt. The filth that comes off your clothes has to go somewhere, and draining out the water won’t always get rid of it in one go.

Inside pillows and cushions

Most people will change the pillows and duvet on their bed quite often, but it’s easy to overlook sofa cushions and other soft furniture in your home.

Underneath bathroom furniture

Bathrooms can get really dirty, regardless of whether they’re bespoke interiors or a very barebones design. Toilets and sinks can easily leak if something comes loose, and it’s not impossible for tiles near a bath to slowly wear down from splashes of hot water.

Behind the fridge

Fridges are another appliance that can be tricky to move, so it’s no surprise that most people overlook them when cleaning. A standard fridge is tall enough to hide all kinds of dust and grime, so make sure you run a feather duster or vacuum nozzle down it every so often.

On top of tall shelves

A lot of people tend to focus on cleaning the floor while they’re tidying up, completely forgetting that dust can form in higher up spots too. A shelf or tall cupboard can be host to all kinds of dirt, including spiders’ cobwebs and plenty of dead flies or bugs.

Door handles

Bacteria can transfer quickly on door handles, even if they’re made out of cold metal. Wiping them down can stop somebody getting sick through indirect contact with somebody else’s hands.

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