Valentines Day Love Heart Craft For Little Ones

Valentines Day will soon be here, so it's time to get in the lovey dovey mood! I love celebrating the day as a family, so I thought now was the perfect time to get our craft supplies out and let my little ones make their own Valentines Day Heart Decorations!

To make these super easy but effective heart decorations, you will need to supply;
* Thick Cardboard
* Pink, White & Red Paints
* Scissors
* Thread
* Paintbrushes
* Glue

First things first, unless your little ones are old enough you'll need to cut out different sized hearts for them on the thick cardboard.

Once they are all cut out, hand over the paints and some paintbrushes and let your monkeys get creative and decorate their hearts. Leave to dry.

After the hearts are completely dry, the hearts will need to be glued one on top of the other, biggest to smallest and leave to dry again. If you are using clear glue, you could use it to 'varnish' the hearts too.

Once dry, you'll need to make a small hole in the top center of the biggest heart and thread some thread through, to be able to hang them up. Display your little ones' decorations proudly!

Will you be getting creative and doing any Valentines Day crafts this year?

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