Welcome To The World Baby Girl

Our third little bundle of cuteness arrived in the world at 12:17 on Monday 28th January!

After days of being uncomfortable and thinking every niggle or twinge was her on her way, and then being disappointed, I gave up assuming. The Saturday and Sunday before, I had horrible period pains and back ache. I fell asleep on Sunday uncomfortable but just letting nature take it's course and knowing she'll arrive when she's ready, but not getting my hopes up. 

So surprise surprise I woke up at 7am Monday morning with strong pains and contractions starting, and rapidly getting stronger and more frequent. (By 9am I couldn't even get myself dressed!) So we headed to hospital at 10, the rest is pretty much a dizzy and exhausting blur until she arrived just after Midday!
So welcome to the world cutie! We all love you so much xxx

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