4 Ways to Make Your Next Holiday Unique

*This is a collaborative post

The best holidays are the memorable ones, and you’ll almost certainly have some holidays that you simply don’t remember taking, even if you’ve got pictures and souvenirs from the trip. If you want to be sure that your next one stands out from rest, here’s a few ideas that might tickle the fancy of you and your family.

Cut yourself off from the internet
The internet can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes you just need to take a break and enjoy life for what it really is. There are plenty of cottages in rural Scotland that offer complete separation from the internet but full access to nearby shops and markets, so you can combine the isolation of camping with the comfort of staying at home.

This doesn’t mean that you have to leave all gadgets and hobbies at home, though – it can also be an excellent way to focus your mind and write, paint, draw or just relax and think.

Take a road trip
Road trips get overlooked by most people, but they can be a great way of spending time together as a family while seeing more of the world. Planning out a route over the course of a week can give you a nice mixture of different experiences and holiday memories – it can also be a great way to search for future holiday destinations, since your family can get a taste of what different cities have to offer without needing to commit to a full-length stay there.

Hire a campervan
Camping can be a hassle for a lot of families, and the whole holiday has to be carefully managed to make sure that you can get through whatever nature throws at you. Campervans are a much less stressful way to spend time near nature, and the idea of your vehicle also being your shelter means that you can easily go for a drive at any time, no matter where you’re heading.

If you compare campervan hire prices, you might even be able to find a deal that’s cheaper than arranging your own camping trip, especially if you don’t already own any camping gear. This also means that you won’t need to commit to buying an entire campervan for a single holiday, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

Rent a houseboat
Houseboats are like campervans without the exploration, making them great for casual trips down canals and deep rivers. You don’t have to book a mobile one if you’d prefer to stay near a certain town or village, although it can be really fun to steer the boat as a team and explore the riverbanks at your own pace.

You won’t find them in every country, but there’s plenty of them hidden across Europe, especially in canal-filled cities like Amsterdam. They don’t even need to be the central point of your holiday, but renting one for a day can be worth it just for the experience you and your family will have.

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