6 Books You Need To Read With Your Little Ones!

We try to read together every night and our littlest even comes up for stories too. More often than not, one of these books below will make an appearance, amongst others. These books are regularly chosen, and I never mind because I enjoy reading them all too! I've mentioned the importance of reading before, so if you haven't read any of them with your children, I definitely recommend picking up a copy!
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Don't Put Your Finger In The Jelly, Nelly!
A oldie, but a goodie none the less! I remember reading it as a child, so I love that my children now enjoy reading it now too. I've always enjoyed books by Nick Sharratt and this is such a fun, rhyming and interactive picture book for little ones.
The Ugly Five
The Ugly Five is the latest book in the Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler collection, so I knew we'd love it but I didn't know we'd love it quite so much! With lots of fun rhymes and a really sweet moral, I know you'll love it too. Plus it's a great way to introduce your animal they may not have heard of!

Not Now, Bernard
A hilarious and fun book your little ones will love. Definitely a book that has stood the test of time and I honestly wouldn't believe you if you tell me you haven't read it before!
The Book With No Pictures
I was recommended this book a long time ago and I wasn't really sure what to expect, but its definitely one of our favourites! As long as you are an enthusiastic reader who puts on funny voices, your little wont be able to stop laughing! We read this book so much I can safely say I know it off by heart!

Halibut Jackson
A really lovely book all about this guy called Halibut Jackson. (Adorable name, right!?) The story itself is really sweet and it's a fun book to read and spot Halibut on each page! Definitely a lesser known book but it's one of my favourites!

I Want My Hat Back
I'm pretty sure that this is my absolute favourite children's book ever. It's so much fun to read and we are all in hysterics whenever we read it together. It's the unexpected twist at the end that'll get you, and it's hilarious putting on different voices for the characters throughout the story!

Honestly if you haven't read any of these with your little ones, you really need to!

Do you and your little ones have favourite bedtime stories?  

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6 Books You Need To Read With Your Little Ones!

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