DIY Herbal Oaty Shower Bags

Oats have so many benefits for your skin, they are seriously incredible. You can use oats for treating acne, as a gentle exfoliant, soothe dry skin, as a natural moisteriser, relieve itchy and sore skin even to soothe chickenpox! 

Oats contain a cleansing agent so they can be used as a mild soap or natural cleaner, perfect for any skin type, even ridiculously sensitive skin like mine!

When my eczema begins to flare up, oats are my best friend. They truly are amazing. I use them to make a moisterising face mask, to exfoliate my skin or even in the bath.

I've even used these oaty shower bags in my little ones bath when they've had chickenpox recently, just run the bags under the tap for a minute and pop them in the bath.

To make your own herbal oat shower bags you will need:
* a handful of oats (per bag)
* a few small muslin or cotton bags (affiliate link)
* optional - dried herbs, I use lavender
* optional - pinch of grated soap per bag (don't use soap if using on sensitive skin or chickenpox!)

Mix together all the ingredients and fill up the bags. be sure to tie them tightly shut!

You can use them as you would a flannel, just avoid the eyes! You can just pop the bag in the bath with you to let all the oaty goodness out, or you could try tying it to the tap or shower and let the water run through it. 

If you leave the bag to dry each time, you can use them at least 3 times. Once they go a bit mushy, just make a new bag! Easy peasy!

Mix the ingredients together and fill up the bags. If you leave them to dry after each use, you can use them atleast 3 times. Once they go a bit mushy, just make a new bag! Easy peasy! 

Let me know if you try them! 
Have you ever use oats in your skincare routine before?

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