Five Emergency Gift Ideas

* This is a collaborative post

Have you ever gotten to the week before somebody’s birthday, only to realize that your present bag is looking a bit light? If you haven’t, then you’re incredibly lucky! Gifts can be a hassle to find on short notice, but there’s a few ways you can quickly pad out the display if you’ve only got a week or so to spare.

Collage Posters
There is abundance of ways to gift a beautiful photo collage for your loved one! If you don’t have enough family or group photos to fill it out, you can always make a poster of some of their favourite things instead – if they’re an animal lover, give them a collage of cute pets and creatures to hang on their wall. Whatever they like, it won’t be hard to find a photo printing service that can put together a gift for them!

Almost everybody owns at least one pair of earbuds or headphones, but cheaper sets are bound to break eventually, so nobody would object to having some spares. They don’t have to be cheap generic makes: you can always choose something with a gimmick, like LED lights or a Bluetooth connection, to make them seem a little cooler.

Cups and mugs
It’s not hard to get a personalised wine glass or coffee mug shipped to your doorstep on short notice. In fact, some companies might even sell glasses that already have names on them, meaning that you won’t even have to wait for the printing to finish! Unlike a lot of presents, there’s nothing bad about owning a lot of mugs, so you can easily buy one every year without the giftee getting overwhelmed.

If you know the foot size of the person you’re buying for, why not get them some extra shoes? If they haven’t mentioned anything in their Christmas list, get them a second pair of the type they already wear. You don’t even necessarily need to wait for shipping if you go and get them yourself, so you can buy them as early as the night before – no matter whether they’re something colourful and fancy like Tamaris shoes or a practical brand meant for heavy-duty work.

If you’re buying gifts for somebody over the drinking age, why not throw in a little bit of alcohol with the rest of their presents? It’s easy to get hold of a few bottles or cans (as long as you’re legally allowed to buy them, of course!) and there’s very few situations where alcohol won’t be appreciated. If the giftee doesn’t drink alcohol, track down some alcohol-free alternatives or give them a box of whatever they do like to drink.

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