Top Five Flooring Tips to Keep Your House Toasty This Winter

*This is a collaborative post
With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for those cold winter nights. Which is why I have teamed up with flooring experts Amtico to round up five best flooring options to keep your house nice and toasty this winter. So, kick back grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea and let us help you get one step further to winter-proofing your home.
Natural stone
Although usually known for its cold surface natural stone is a very good at transmitting heat. Making it the perfect counterpart for your underfloor heating system. Paired with the rising heat, the stones become a toasty warm surface perfect for yours and your little ones pitter-pattering feet this winter.
Winter shouldn’t stop you from roaming around bare foot. Vinyl is the perfect flooring option for those late-night trips to the fridge. Paired with insulation, amtico vinyl flooring is not only warm but comfy to walk on. Due to the wide range of styles and colours, you can vinyl almost every room in your house!
If laying down a new floor isn’t a feasible option, then you can always experiment with rugs. Although a simple addition to any room, rugs can not only transform the whole look of the room but can help with insulation. Statement rugs can also be used to create accent pieces in any room and can even be transformed into a reading den or relaxation zone.
Like the good old saying goes if it’s not broke don’t try to fix it and the same applies to your floor. Carpet is one of the more popular choices for many homes due to its durability and cosiness. Carpets with longer and thicker threads will offer more benefits in winter as it will offer better insulation and keep hold of the heat for longer.
Perfect for your little one's room, cork offers protection for the inevitable trips or falls. On top of this cork is undoubtedly when one of the best insulators for your home. The tiny holes act as barrier for heat and noise, meaning your little ones can play as loud as they want while keeping warm at night.

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