{AD/Review} Personalised "..Goes To Sleep" Bedtime Book

Having a bedtime routine when you have children (let alone three!) is essential. We do the bedtime routine all together as it saves time, my sanity and allows us to have that all important story time together every night. My little ones all go to bed fairly early, so they have enough time to get ready for bed, and settle down to go to sleep. 
{AD/Review} Personalised "..Goes To Sleep" Bedtime Book
As I mentioned, a big part of our bedtime routine is reading together! I read a few books, and my eldest reads a book too so I am always on the lookout for fun, new books we can all enjoy!

That's why I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review this gorgeous, personalised bedtime book for my baby girl. The book features your child throughout, using their name and a cartoon of them which you can personalise when the book is created! I don't know a single child who wouldn't love seeing their name in a book!

"...Goes To Sleep" Bedtime book is written using methods from world renowned hospitals, sleep specialists and The Children's Sleep Charity to help you set an effective night time routine, and get your little ones to fall asleep when the need to!

The illustrations in the book are really lovely, and it's a really sweet little story about getting tired out ready for bedtime. I love the little personalised touches on each page, and having a personalised character too is really such a lovely idea. Fortunately, my little ones aren't too bad at falling asleep, but it's a really lovely book to read just before bed together regardless.

Do you little ones struggle to settle down at night? This book might just be the answer!

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