{AD/Review} Baby Born Surprise - Collectable Dolls

My little ones love anything collectible and particularly toys that you have to unwrap to discover which ones you've got! My two eldest also both love playing with baby dolls, so you can imagine how excited we were when we heard about Baby Born Surprise!

{AD/Review} Baby Born Surprise - Collectable Dolls

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Baby Born Surprise are cute little collectable dolls that combine collecting and surprise toys into one. I know how much children love unwrapping toys, so I was pleased to see not all of the different layers were plastic, there's also ribbons and cute fabric blanket that can be reused!

We were kindly given the opportunity to review the sweet dolls before they hit shops in the UK! 

There are 12 different different babies to collect, and they all come in their own adorable little fleecy beds! From mermaids to ducks and even poodle designs. Each of the babies have different hair styles, and my little boy particularly loved that their were boy babies too!

When your little ones open the package, they will discover their sweet babies sleeping in their beds. The babies will then need to be woken up! You wake them up by wiping their eyes using water and you'll soon discover what eye colour your baby has! (This can only be done one time). Such a cute idea.

Your little can then use their babies' bottle to give them a drink, and the water will go through the baby into their nappies, which will then cause a cute pattern to appear on the nappy. The only, tiny issue I've found with this product is that it can take a while for the pattern to show up on the nappy, and even longer for the nappy to dry again after.

{AD/Review} Baby Born Surprise - Collectable Dolls

Overall, we are all very impressed with Baby Born Surprise. The unwrapping/surprise element is a lot of fun and the dolls themselves are all really cute. They are the kind of toy that will be played with again and again, even once the surprises have been revealed. The dolls can help promote active play, roleplay and imagination. They do look like a lot of fun!

Would your little ones like Baby Born Surprise?

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