6 Fun Gifts & Crafts Kids Can Make For Father's Day

6 Fun Gifts & Crafts Kids Can Make For Father's Day

Who wants to spend lots on money on a generic Father's Day gift or card, when your little ones can get creative and make something so much more meaningful? Father's Day is about showing love and appreciation for the Dads in your life, so why not make something he'll treasure! I'm sharing a few fantastic ideas today of homemade cards and gift ideas any Father would love!

6 Fun Gifts & Crafts Kids Can Make For Father's Day
These Roarsome Cards are completely and utterly adorable! I love a hand/footprint card anyway, as it's something even the littlest child can do - but these roarsome cards are just the cutest, and totally easy to make too!

If there's an activity my little ones would love to do every day, it's painting - but it's just so messy! Getting messy and being creative is essential for creating this amazing DAD Canvas though! It's the perfect homemade craft idea as big kids and little kids alike can all get involved!

I love this 'My Daddy' Card, it's such a fun way to make a card, creating their Dad's face using a polystyrene ball! But my absolute favourite part of this card is the adorable form inside! Your little ones can fill in (or answer and you fill in) different questions about their Daddy's - plus, it's a free printable!

This Cricut Made Lego Frame would make an amazing homemade gift for any Lego fan, plus it would love lovely displayed proudly on the wall! It's a great craft idea for older children to make, or younger children to make with you.

For any Star Wars fans, this 'Yoda Best Daddy' Card would be absolutely perfect! It's a great play on words and a really creative card idea! Any child would be proud to make this and give it to their Daddy on Father's Day.

If the Dad in your life is a bit of a big kid, or has a great sense of humour , this Joke Jar Gift would be perfect! It's an easy homemade gift to make too. You could either get your little ones to decorate the jar, while you write down some jokes or if your children are old enough, they could write down some of their favourite jokes! (If you've ever heard a small child tell you a joke they've made up, you'll know - they never make any sense and that makes them totally hilarious!)

Will your little ones be making anything for their Dads this Father's Day?

6 Fun Gifts & Crafts Kids Can Make For Father's Day

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