Hope Nature Centre, Wiltshire {Review}

Hope Nature Centre, Wiltshire {Review}

We absolutely love getting out and exploring new places during the weekends, especially when my Dad is visiting. I particularly love visiting farms and animal sanctuaries so my little ones get a chance to get close to nature and learn about different types of animals. A few weeks ago we visited Hope Nature Centre & Animal Park in Wiltshire, and it immediately became one of my favourite places we've been!

Hope Nature Centre is situated in Southwick Country Park near Trowbridge. It's a registered charity set up in 2000 to help provide work placement opportunities for young people with disabilities. Hope Nature Centre started off as just a simple tea room, then chickens, goats, ducks, geese and a shetland pony all found a new home here and the animal park was open! Now the park is home to many many more animals including bunnies, donkeys, goats, turkeys and even alpacas!

Strolling around the park, we loved spotting all the different animals! As soon as we started following the path round we came across the first little play area which my little ones loved. 

It's a really lovely area to walk around, with lots to see and do. I can imagine even on a really busy day it would be an enjoyable place to visit as it's so spacious and quiet. As I mentioned there's a fantastic array of animals to see throughout the park - but what I was really impressed by was how well the layout was thought out. Instead of one single play area (which would obviously get very busy at times), there are several different play areas scattered throughout the park, as well as ride on tractors along the path too! 

There's also a lovely little tea room at the end of the walk where you can stop for a quick drink or bite to eat! The entry prices for the park are amazing. Adult tickets are £3.50, children are £2.50 and it's only £9.50 for a family ticket! Such a bargain, and for a great cause too!

Hope Nature Centre is the perfect place for a family day out and it's suitable for all ages too.

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