{AD/REVIEW} Adorable & Vibrant Prints From Pug Pup Prints

I absolutely love filling my home with beautiful pieces of artwork. We have lots of different pieces throughout every room, but my favourite place in our home is my little ones bedroom. They have a gallery wall in their room and just looking at it makes me smile! That's why I was delighted to be able to to review a few new absolutely gorgeous prints from Pug Pup Prints - They look absolutely perfect in my little one's bedroom!

Adorable & Vibrant Prints From Pug Pup Prints Review

I love to buy my artwork from smaller businesses as they are always amazing quality and you can just tell how much love and care has gone into each product. Plus shopping from small businesses means each item is that much more unique and it's a great cause to spend your money on!

Pug Pup Prints have a gorgeous range of products on their site, from personalised artwork for children to wedding and christening prints. A lot (if not all) of their prints can be personalised, but they don't have to be and as my little ones share a room, I decided not to personalise mine, but they look amazing either way! All the prints can be purchased in either A3 or A4, framed or unframed. Pug Pup Prints have a huge range of products for any room in the house, in any style so I'm sure you'd find the perfect print for you!

Adorable & Vibrant Prints From Pug Pup Prints Review

The first print I received was this adorable "You Are Our Rainbow On A Cloudy Day". The print is really excellent quality and the colours are so bright and vibrant! I chose it in A3 size and framed and I think it looks really gorgeous against their yellow bedroom wall and looks like a feature piece in their room. The frame itself is plastic, which in all honesty is perfect. I'm not a big fan of having glass frames in my home as I have very clumsy children! The frame is high quality, and thick too. It doesn't look cheap at all and really makes the print pop! As I mentioned above, there was the opportunity to personalise the print too, but I decided against it.

The second print I received was the lovely 'Adventure Is Out There'. I decided to go for a smaller, A4 size so I could add it to their gallery wall and it looks perfect. Again the colours are so vibrant and the card it's printed on is really good quality. I love the quote itself (and the movie!) and I'm a sucker for motivational quotes, so I thought this one was perfect. My eldest girlie really likes the print and the colours too.

Adorable & Vibrant Prints From Pug Pup Prints Review

All in all, I am very impressed with these two beautiful prints. They're great quality, good prices and delivery was quick too. I definitely recommend checking out Pug Pup Prints if you are looking for some new artwork for your home. 

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This post was sponsored but I did not receive monetary compensation. I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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