8 Interior Decorating Hacks For Your Apartment

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Moving to an apartment can be time-consuming and stressful. Aside from scouting through different moving companies NYC and choosing the right NYC movers for your needs and budget, you still need to properly decorate your space. How your apartment looks and feel can significantly affect your mood while you’re in it – you want your apartment to become your own private sanctuary, right? This article can help you achieve that goal. 

Most people don’t like the idea of decorating their apartment. Because they have limited space, they think that they also have limited opportunities to update their apartment. This is a misconception – you just need the right strategies to make your apartment feel and look new. Here are some ideas to try out:

Use your space vertically
Storage will always be an essential element in your apartment. Regardless of your lifestyle, you will need to have storage space. For you to utilize your apartment and enjoy storage space at the same time, use your walls. You can install hanging cabinets and place your valuables here or invest in plastic containers to be placed in hanging shelves. Vertical storage space can work with any material – you can reuse old pipes and even books for this project!

Divide your space with furniture
Even if you have limited space, you still need to have a living room, dining area, and bedroom. If you want to divide your space without compromising its style, make the best out of your furniture. Instead of putting a divider or wall in between your living room and dining area, use a sofa. The back of the sofa can work as a divider and create different “zones” in your apartment. 

Light it up using wall sconces
With the number of lighting options available today, space will never be an issue. Sure, lights are usually placed on the ceiling or the floor, but these aren’t your only options; today, you light a particular space in your apartment by using wall sconces. This amenity is the perfect of elegance and functionality. Plus, with the number of designs and styles to choose from, you’ll surely find wall sconces that suit your budget, theme and personal preference. 

Add in some window seats
For your apartment to be cozy and functional, it should provide seating. You and all of your guests should be able to sit in your apartment. For you to achieve this goal, invest in window seats. Depending on your budget, you can have these seats installed in your windows or buy grouped chairs. There are many possibilities for this interior design hack!

Invest in different art
You would never want your apartment to look and feel dull. Even if you have a small space, you want your guests and family members to be in awe with your apartment. Aside from investing in the right amenities and furniture, look into different arts. You can buy large-scale sculptures or paintings to be displayed in different areas of your apartment. You’ll be surprised how one art piece can bring so much life to your apartment. 

Consider having vertical greenery
If you have a green thumb but doesn’t have any idea how to have a garden in your own apartment, consider having a vertical garden. As long as you have an empty wall, old containers, and the right kind of plants, you will surely enjoy having your own garden inside your apartment. Aside from being a stress reliever, a vertical garden can also add a pop of color to your apartment, especially if the plants produce different types of flowers. 

Use dual-purpose furniture
To ensure that your apartment will be functional, you need to exert time and effort in using furniture, which serves more than one purpose. If you want to improve the seating options of your apartment, use an ottoman as this can also be used as storage. A trunk can also be used as a coffee table and additional storage, too. 

Build yourself a foldout wall table
Tables are essential in your apartment. You need to have tables for your workspace, living room, and dining area. However, if you’re not always using these tables, consider building yourself a foldout wall table. This kind of table can be kept and stored whenever it’s not being used. This is a cheap way of enjoying the functionality and additional floor space of your apartment. 

The Bottom Line
Contrary to popular belief, decorating your apartment doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. As long as you have an idea of the things you should and shouldn’t do, this task will come off easier. Aside from using this article as your guide, remember to use every decorating hack as your own. Let your personality and creativity shine regardless of the decorating hack you choose to follow!

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