Minibeasts Painted Rocks Craft

Minibeasts Painted Rocks Craft

Painting rocks is such a popular activity, and I totally see why! It's fun, not too messy or materials needed, it's fun for children young and older, and adults alike - plus, it's quite therapeutic! 

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We decided to make some minibeast themed painted rocks! I thought they'd look adorable scattered around the garden, and we've recently been learning about minibeasts too so it was perfect timing!

Minibeasts Painted Rocks Craft

For these cute minibeasts you will need:
* Smooth Rocks
* Acrylic Paints 
* Paintbrushes
* Clear Varnish

1. Let your little ones paint their rocks in whatever colour they desire! We used red, yellow, orange and green!

2. Once dry, add details in black acrylic paint.

3. Once that's dry you can add the whites for eyes, then black for pupils.

4. Once they are all completely and utterly dry - add a light coat of clear varnish to make them weatherproof!

Minibeasts Painted Rock Craft For Kids

Minibeasts Painted Rocks Craft

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