Our Summer To Do List {2019}

It's the Summer holidays here, and as we're not going away over the 6 weeks, I wanted to ensure we had lots of fun activities planned! To keep us entertained, to have rough plans of what to do each week, to make sure we got up to lots of exciting things!

Our Summer To Do List {2019}

I often like to put together lists or ideas of fun seasonal activities, but I thought this time I'd jot it down so we can all see it and tick things off! Plus - it was a fun activity in itself putting the list together as a family!

So without further ado, our Summer To Do list! I hope you enjoy reading and maybe even get some inspiration for your family during the holidays!

Our Summer To Do List {2019}

Picnic In The Park

Go To The Beach

Go Swimming

Splash In The River

Go On A Bug Hunt

Make A Den

Bake Something

Make Something

Start A Sketchbook

Go On A Nature Walk

Go To The Library

Make Play Dough

Go Geocaching

Paint Pebbles

Go To The Park

Make Nature Collages

See Friends & Family

Go Exploring

Climb Trees & Explore The Woods

Make Friendship Bracelets

Ride A Bus

Leave Pebbles For Others To Find

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