Summer Themed eBay Finds

Summer Themed eBay Finds
I've got to be honest with you, I'm a tad obsessed with eBay! For some people it's Amazon, or Etsy but no my guilty shopping pleasure is eBay! There is such a huge range of products on there, things you never even imagined and at some incredible bargain prices too!

I wanted to share with you a few fab Summer themed eBay finds I have found recently! Let me know which you love the most! {This post contains affiliate links}.

Large Insulated Picnic Bag (£4.39)

Beach days, road trips or even picnics in the park - you're going to need a cute bag to carry all of your snacks and drinks in! I absolutely love the patterns of these bags (particularly the blue one, not pictured!) They look really spacious, but the straps are thick so they wont dig into your shoulders and they are insulated so your food and drinks will stay cool in the heat!

Gold Starfish Ankle Bracelet (£2.95)

I really really love anklets. There's just something so pretty and delicate about them. This starfish anklet is totally adorable, very summery and it reminds me of The Little Mermaid!

Leaf Shaped Dining Placemat (£1.75)
I'm terrible for buying new homeware and accessories for different seasons and time of year. But these placemats are just too lovely to pass up. Very Summery and tropical themed, they'd look amazing on your dining table or bbq in the back garden!

Summer Smock Dress (£5.95)

I cannot help buying dresses, I just can't stop myself! Particularly during this hot weather, cool dresses are all I want to wear! These cute smock dresses look nice and cool to wear in the heat, and although I really love this khaki colour, it also comes in blue, pink and black too!

5L Citrus Shaped Drink Dispenser (£7.99)

This has got to be my favourite item on this list! I've always loved the look and the ease of drink dispensers, but this design is amazing! It's made of glass, as opposed to plastic so it should last a long time, and the citrus shape is just so cute. I need it!!

Gold Sunburst Placemats (£2.60)
Like I said, I can't help buying new homeware particularly during Summer & Autumn, so these sunburst placemats are perfect! They're a little more subtle than the ones above, and could totally be used all year round. The unique design is super pretty too.

Retro Flamingo Cushion Cover (£9.95)

I'm in love with these cute Flamingo cushion covers! Cushion covers are another thing I like to buy, as it makes it so much easier to update your home decor, with having to buy big expensive cushions all the time. Just buy cheaper covers instead! Plus, it saves a huge amount of space too! Although I love this design, there are 11 other different Pineapple themed covers to choose from too!

50 LED Solar Powered String Lights (£7.76)

Solar powered fairy lights are like the best thing ever. Drape them across your fence, hang them from your roof like Christmas lights - they'll make your garden look pretty and inviting all year round!

Seashell & Starfish Earrings (£3.09)

Another Mermaid/under the sea themed buy! These earrings are so cute and so summery! You'll feel like a real mermaid wearing them, and I really love the whole mismatch idea!

Pink Doughnut Beach Mat (£7.29)
You've probably seen 101 different types of beach mats/blankets on eBay before, but this one is my personal favourite! It's a massive doughnut you can lie on while chilling on the beach, plus - it's Homer's doughnut isn't it?! Haha.

Are you an eBay fan? Which of these items is your favourite?

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