{AD/Review} Wild Things - Book From Lonely Planet Kids

Wild Things - Book From Lonely Planet Kids Review

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My family and I love spending time outdoors. We make sure to get outside, even for a few minutes every single day - whatever the weather and I personally think it's hugely important and beneficial for children to do so. My kids have grown up looking for bugs, planting seeds, going on nature walks and exploring the world around them and it's exactly what I remember doing as a child too.

I feel that children don't spend so much time outdoors as much nowadays, and half the time it's probably because they don't know what to do! But there's so many fun activities, things to explore and ways to use your imagination outside, even in your own back garden!

So I was really delighted to be able to review the fantastic 'Wild Things' book from Lonely Planet Kids. The cover of the book is really beautiful, and I was honestly really excited when the book arrived, ready to get stuck in! Wild Things is a wonderful guidebook sharing lots of fun, magical ideas to help get your little ones exploring the world around them! We've already tried a few of the activities ourselves and we can't wait to try all the rest! I'm genuinely excited! 

From brewing potions to tracking dragons, capturing moon magic to discovering trolls! There's so much fun to be had. So are you and your children ready to switch on their imagination and uncover the magical world around them? Then you definitely need to pick up a copy of Wild Things! 

I cannot fault this book at all, I really, really love it.

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