6 Fun And Practical Back To School Themed Crafts

6 Fun And Practical Back To School Themed Crafts

It's Back To School time! How have your Summer holidays been? Ours have gone quite well, but I feel like everyone is keen to get back to our normal routine again now! So getting in the spirit, I've got some fun Back To School themed crafts to share with you today!

Whether you are a parent looking for fun ways to celebrate this big step in your child's life, or perhaps you are a school student yourself, or maybe you're a teacher who wants to welcome their new students into the classroom in a great way!
6 Fun And Practical Back To School Themed Crafts

I really love the idea of creating and putting up some cute decorations to celebrate the wonderful occasion! This Back To School Bunting is super sweet and colourful - plus not to difficult to put together either! This would look amazing in the living room ready for the kids to see in the morning, or even in the classroom ready for the first day back!

For an adorable way to store any stationery, at home or in the classroom - how about this super cute Lolly Stick Pen Pot? It would be a fun craft to do together with the kids and i'm sure they'd love picking out the colours. A vibrant way to brighten up any space!

My eldest girl is absolutely obsessed with cute keyrings to attach to her school bag! If your little one is just the same, why not try this fantastic Mini Abacus Keyring for them to take to school with them. It's cute, but functional and educational too! I really love this idea.

When my eldest started school, we used to leave each other notes in her book bag and it was lovely. I definitely think it helped her settle in and remember that her mummy wasn't far away. It's probably something I will do with my boy too when he starts next week. These Origami Secret Heart Notes are really sweet, and it'd be a really lovely idea to hide these for your little ones when they go back to school. What a lovely treat for them to find during the day! I'm definitely making these!

When your little ones start bringing home their reading homework, they'll need a cute new bookmark to remind them of where they were! These amazing Craft Stick Pencil Bookmarks are really lovely and would suit both younger children and older and they're fun and practical too! I want to make one for myself to be honest!

If you are feeling really creative, and fancy treating your little one to a unique, one of a kind backpack - you could try making one yourself! I don't have the sewing skills, but I'd love to be able to create something as fantastic as this DIY Personalised Backpack! Your child could even pick the patterns or print they'd like. A lovely way to start the off the school term, with your child happily heading to school full of confidence with their new personalised backpack!
Will you be giving any of these crafts a go?

6 Fun And Practical Back To School Themed Crafts

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