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Learning Resources is such a fab site. It's full of educational and creative toys for children, all about learning through play. From numeracy and literacy games, to STEM activities and outdoor play. They have such a huge range of inspiring toys and games for children, at great prices too. I've bought quite a few birthday gifts from this site, I'm a big fan. 
Playfoam Pals & Botley The Coding Robot Review
We've been very lucky to have been able to review a couple of their products recently, Playfoam Pals & Botley The Coding Robot. {This post contains affiliate links}
Playfoam Pals Pet Party Review
My little ones absolutely love all the collectable toys, and Playfoam Pals are the exciting new collectables on the scene. It's a super fun toy, educational, unique and it also includes the surprise unboxing element too. We were gifted the Playfoam Pals Pet Party Pack which included 6 pet friends hidden inside the playfoam. My little ones were so excited to open the packaging and begin to dig for their hidden critter and discovering which one they have!
The play foam is non toxic, non drying and provides a fun sensory experience, promoting imagination and pretend play. As it doesn't dry out, it means your little ones can enjoy playing with the foam again and again. Spulpting, moulding and creating whatever they can imagine! It's also a fairly mess free toy, it doesn't stick to anything apart from itself and it doesn't get everywhere. It stays together and can be easily put back in the pot ready for the next playtime! All in all, Playfoam Pals is a big hit in our house!
We were also kindly gifted Botley The Coding Robot. Botley is a toy robot loaded with lots of fun activities and games, all about inspiring your children to learn how to code. 

Botley The Coding Robot review

STEM skills are so important to teach your children, and with technology increasingly becoming a huge part of our lives, it's great to find a fun and educational toy that can help your child begin to learn coding.

The cute little guy comes with many different task ideas, as well as two different modes - Code and Line. To start playing with Botley, and begin to understand how he works, we tried out the Line mode. Creating a path using the boards, he followed the thick black line all the way around. We then decided to mix the pieces up encouraging him to go in all sorts of directions! A great beginners activity. (I also recently found it he will follow a bold black line that you draw yourself, so we will definitely be trying that next!) 

We also then decided to try the Code mode. The remote control is fairly easy to understand, and my little ones were quick to grasp the idea. Pressing the sequences they'd like Botley to perform, such as forward, forward, right, forward, back, then the transmit button. You can also add steps to the sequence to carry it on, or clear it to begin the sequence again. 

There are so many fun activities your little ones can try with the robot, including getting a ball into the goal and travelling in and out of the posts. You can make each activity as simple or as complicated as your little ones would like. My two eldest are 4 and 5 1/2 and they both enjoy playing with Botley. I'd say it was suitable for ages 4 and up, but younger children would absolutely enjoy getting involved and watching Botley follow commands too!

We all really enjoy playing with Botley together and it's a fantastic way to introduce young children to coding in a fun and entertaining way!

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