{AD/Review} Kids Beanbags From Beanbag Bazaar

Beanbags are just the ultimate in comfort seating aren't they? They're squishy and comfy, like a big snuggly hug. Plus children always seem to love them, and they can also be napped on too! (Trust me, I know!)

Kids Beanbags From Beanbag Bazaar Review

So we were all delighted to be able to review a couple of Kids Bean Bags from Beanbag Bazaar!

 My eldest two love them and sit on them every day for breakfast, plus regularly throughout the day too. They are perfect for storytime, sitting on while drawing at the table or even for our fun movie nights! 

I remember when my boy was a baby, I used to set his older sister on her beanbag, with a few books, and teddy and a blanket while I got her brother to nap. But more times than not she used to fall asleep all snuggled on her beanbag. 

Beanbags are suitable for use all over the house, bedrooms - perhaps for a reading corner, or the living room, or even the playroom! Plus these fantastic Kids Bean Bag Chairs are made of 100% waterproof fabric, meaning they can be used both inside and out!

The bean bag chairs are sturdy and supportive to sit on, meaning that your kids can get comfy but without any slouching or achy backs! They are also so easy to keep clean by just wiping them down!

My little ones really love the vibrant colours of their beanbags (of course, my eldest chose pink! She's obsessed!) and these fab seats come in 7 bright colours to pick from! They are a really great size too. Not just a tiny round beanbag, suitable for tiny round bottoms! Haha. They are big enough to really get comfortable and would probably be a decent size for adults too.

Overall I am very impressed with the Kids Bean Bag Chairs. They are really excellent quality and I love that the material is so easy to keep clean, even after using them outside! As you can see, my eldest two are pleased with them too!

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