BFG Dream Jars & Matilda Bookmark Crafts {To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day}

I'm a huge fan of Roald Dahl. I grew up with all his books and they were some of the first books I ever read to myself (aside from school books). From The Magic Finger & The Twits, to Matilda & BFG, to Boy. I'm pretty sure I've read them all. I even joined a 'Roald Dahl Club' when I was younger, where you received factfiles, stickers and quiz books each month. I loved it!

The time has now come when I can introduce my eldest two to the wonderful world of Roald Dahl! We've watched Matilda (100000 times), The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Revolting Rhymes and Fantastic Mr Fox together, but I've also starting reading some of the books to them at bedtime too. They really are such wonderful, magical stories aren't they?

BFG Dream Jars & Matilda Bookmark Crafts

As you can tell, I'm a big fan, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that today is actually officially Roald Dahl Day! We decided to get our paints out and try out a few fun, Matilda & BFG inspired crafts to celebrate the day!

Matilda Inspired Bookmarks

Matilda Inspired Bookmarks Craft - To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

You Will Need:
* Ready Mix Children's Paints
* Paintbrushes
* Paper
* Thick Card
* Pritt Stick
* Coloured Wool or Thread
* Computer, Printer & Scanner
* Clear Tape

1. Let your little ones go crazy and decorate their piece of paper with lots of bright coloured paint and patterns. Leave to dry.

2. Once completely dry, scan the picture into your computer. Using a picture editing programme, cut a section of the painting to use as the bookmark. (The correct size you'll need for a bookmark is approximately 4.5cm x 20cm). You could now even brighten the colours if you wish, add a Matilda inspired image if you fancy or even a quote! We decided to go with a Matilda quote on one, and a Roald Dahl quote on the other.

3. Print the bookmark out at the correct size and let your little ones glue it on to some thick card. Once that is dry, it'll need to be cut out to the right size again.

3. Carefully cover the bookmark in clear tape to protect it and make it look more professional!

4.  Using a hole punch, let your little ones make a hole in the middle at the top of the bookmark.

5. Tie some thread or wool through the hole at the top for decoration and it's done.

Encourage your little ones to pick up their favourite book and have a read, keeping their new bookmark safe inside.

BFG Inspired Dream Jar

BFG Inspired Dream Jars - To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day
You Will Need:
* Clean Jar with Lid
* Ready Mix Children's Paint
* Glitter Glue/Glitter/Sequins/Stars - anything sparkly you can find!
* Cotton Wool or Polyester Toy Filling

1. Let your little ones pour a bit of water into their jars so it's 1/3 full.

2. Then they will need to add a squirt or two of a dark colour, think silver, dark blue or purple.

3. Add a small amount of cotton wool/toy filling into the jar to represent clouds.

4. Now is the time to add a few sparkly bits into the jar. We used silver glitter and silver stars. Try to add them to the inner edges of the jars for full effect.

5. Let your little ones squeeze another dark colour into the jar so it's 2/3 full. We started with purple, then added blue.

6. Lastly, add a dash of water and top it off with the last colour paint. We used sparkly silver paint.

7. Once your little ones are happy with the way there jars look, you'll want to glue the lids on tight!

8. I also added a little tag to the jars too, just for that last finishing touch.

My little ones loved making these jars, you could just see the magic in their eyes!

Will you be giving these crafts a go for Roald Dahl Day?

Kids Craft Ideas To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day - BFG Dream Jars & Matilda Bookmarks
Matilda Inspired Bookmarks Craft - To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

BFG Inspired Dream Jars - To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day

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