Why You Need To Join Team TOMM As A Busy Mum

Routines and lists are absolute essentials in my life. I honestly think I would be a complete mess without them! I decided it would be a good idea to throw all routines and lists out the window during the Summer holidays, well boy was I wrong. I didn't have any plans for each day until about lunchtime, our house became an absolute wreck and everyone was exhausted from going to bed at different times. Although it's ok to have loose plans and a fairly relaxed routine during the holidays, it definitely still needs to be there.

As a busy mum of three, I need to plan my day, my goals, every..single..day. It's the last thing I do before I go to bed and the first thing I look at when I wake up. It's not a strict routine (aside from the morning, when it's always a rush no matter what) but it gives me a good clear idea of what I'd like to aim to achieve each day. I feel like, as a mum having a routine and schedule is the best way to stay on top of things, stay organised, plan ahead, take care of your children and everything school related, and keep a clean house at the same time. Boy, us grown ups do have a lot on their plate don't they!

Why You Need To Join Team TOMM As A Busy Mum
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So when I discovered Team TOMM, I was instantly converted. It's more than a routine, it's a lifestyle change. It's a way of keeping on top of the housework without letting it take over your life, or take up too much time in your day!

It's based on three different levels. Level 1 is your absolute essential everyday jobs. Wash up, vacuum, do a load of washing etc. You should be able to do these quickly and efficiently each and every day. I like to try and get this section out of the way before the school run, or at the very least, the minute I get home!

Level 2 jobs are day specific jobs, where you focus on one room for Monday-Thurs and clean and tidy it quickly, but thoroughly. 

Lastly, level 3 is the Friday jobs. You are given a room each week and you focus one specific areas of said room. For example, cleaning the oven would be on a kitchen focused Friday.

The fantastic Team Tomm plan from Organised Mum is all about getting your housework out of the way in 45 minutes a day to make the most of your time and enjoy each and every day and as she says "There's More To Life Than Housework!"

I try to get my 45 minutes out of the way early on in the morning, and unless our littlest baba isn't cooperating or napping, I managed to get my entire house spit spot by 10am.

If you are a busy mum who cannot seem to find the time for housework, or feel like you spend far too much time cleaning, then Team TOMM is definitely for you.

Read more about Team Tomm over at The Organised Mum!

You could also order her new book, I for one cannot wait for mine to arrive!

Or if you are more prone to using your phone for organisation, I definitely recommend downloading the app to really streamline your life! Available on Apple Store or Google Play.

Have you been converted to Team TOMM yet?

Why You Need To Join Team TOMM As A Busy Mum

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