3 Homemade Autumn Garlands To Decorate Your Home

One thing I always do every season is update my home with a little seasonal decor, whether it's found, bought or homemade! Garlands are one of the easiest, yet most beautiful things to make, (I've made quite a lot!) so I thought I'd share with you 3 easy yet super cute DIY Autumn Garlands today!

3 Homemade Autumn Garlands To Decorate Your Home

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The first one I made is this super simple leaf garland. I've made these before with real leaves, and yes it's more fun for little ones to play with real leaves, but using fake leaves means it won't dry out, go brown or crumble everywhere, and should last all Autumn. (As long it doesn't get pulled down like my cats will inevitably do in a few weeks).

Just buy some fake autumn leaves, you can find them here*, and using some cotton and a needle to thread cotton through the leaves and hang up. I also made another leaf garland, but I spray painted the leaves gold.

The second garland I made is a lot more fiddly, but it looks so good I definitely recommend you trying it. I'm pretty sure I made a Pinecone Garland last year too! You'll need to go out & collect some pine cones (top tip - look for ones with a longer..stalk? Is that the word?! Haha). Once you've got your pine cones you'll need to find some strong cotton and tie 3cm of thread to the stalk? of each pinecone. Then once you've done that you can tie each of these bits of cotton to a length of twine. Alternatively, you could use florists wire* instead of cotton and twine.

Last but not least, a more fun garland - this Toadstool & Squirrel garland! Yet another super simple one, but I love how it turned out. Cut out a squirrel template and a toadstool template. Then use those templates to cut out some squirrels from a light brown card, and some toadstools on white card. I then painted the red area of the toadstools, leaving some white spots. Then simply stick the squirrels and toadstools consecutively along a length of twine. 

Have you ever made a garland before?

 3 Homemade Autumn Garlands To Decorate Your Home

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