Fab Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

Fab Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

Autumn is well and truely here, but before you know it - you'll blink and it'll be winter! If I'm being totally honest, I much prefer the colder months to the hotter! 

I love nothing more than wrapping up warm (i'm talking fluffy socks, dressing gowns and comfy pyjamas!), relaxing under a soft blanket with a hot drink. I live for being comfy and cosy! I know not everyone agrees with me, so that's why I'm sharing some fab tips and products today, to help you get ready for your hibernation, start cosying up your home and turn it into a snuggly sanctuary!

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Update Your Bedding
One of the main areas that you'll want to warm up over the winter, is your bed! Say goodbye to thin cotton sheets and bring in some heavier materials! I'm thinking flannel or fleece bedding, with egyptian cotton sheets and a gorgeous quilt or blanket! 

Light A Fire
If you are lucky enough to have a real fire, take advantage of it this time of year and it'll will cosy up your home more than anything else. If you don't have a real fireplace, you could consider investing in a fake electric fireplace! If that's out of your budget too, there are fab options on Youtube or Netflix so you can 'play' a fake fire on your TV!

Use More Ambient Lighting
When it comes to late afternoon/evening - switch off your main lights (or keep them off if you prefer!) Convert to simple fairy lights, or cute dimmable lamps in your home instead. You cant feel relaxed when you've got a unsightly bright light glaring at you. 

Make Your Home Smell Amazing
Candles are my absolute must have as soon as Autumn/Winter arrives. They not only create a lovely ambiance, but they make your home smell amazing. So why not stock up on a few seasonally scented candles, or if you prefer, a selection of wax melts or even a few reed diffusers! Any of these items can really make your home smell incredibly, and so welcoming too. 
Snuggle Under A Warm Throws (or 3)
You can't get cosy without snuggling under a throw or 3. They are the perfect product for this time of year. Family movie night? Snuggle under some throws. Chilly toys in bed? Snuggle under some more blankets. Time out for just you, with a hot drink and a magazine? You need a throw! I'm forever buying new throws as they seem to be constantly in use throughout the colder months! I absolutely love Cox & Cox for comfy, beautiful throws this time of year - plus they have a huge range of gorgeous, seasonal decor too! 

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Stop Draughts / Sort Out Heating
As you are trying to create a cosy environment, you do not want any draughts coming in! Perhaps you need to check your windows and doors to ensure that no cold air can get through - if so, maybe you need to invest in some lined curtains or draught excluders.

This time of year, heating can become super expensive! To cut costs down, try not to have it on really high, and keep yourself warm in other ways, such as wearing more layers. But, when it's definitely time to pop the heating on you'll want to make sure your heating is efficient (ie not storage heaters :/ ) and you are on the best tariff you can be on. 

Rearrange Your Main Living Areas
If like me, you love to rearrange your furniture - now is the perfect time! Try to move your sofas or chairs a few inches away from walls, doors or windows to allow the warm air to circulate. Plus you may need to make room for any visitors to sit down who might pop by during the festive period, and you'll of course need to make room for your tree!

Add Some Comfortable Cushions 
Throw cushions and pillows are a fab way to revamp any room, but some cushions are just decorative. This time of year, when all you want to do is snuggle up, you need some pretty, yet comfortable and usable cushions! Why not treat yourself to a few lovely new cushions for your bed or sofa to update your home on a budget? Or if your budget is tight, you could even just buy some warm new cushion covers for your cushions instead! (A much cheaper way to update your comfy places, without having a huge stash of cushions!)

Whip Up A Batch Of Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
Last but not least, now you've spruce up your home and prepared yourself for the chillier months ahead - it's time for a treat! So why not whip up a batch of slow cooker hot chocolate! It's the perfect drink for this time of year, it'll smell amazing cooking away in the kitchen and it'd be the ideal treat to snuggle up with in the evenings!

How do you make your home more cosy during the colder months?
Fab Ways To Make Your Home Cosy For Winter

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