Pumpkin Picking At Farringtons Farm

Last year we went pumpkin picking for the first time! I felt that my children were old enough now to be able to wander around, choose their own pumpkins and really enjoy the experience themselves. We decided to head back to Farringtons Farm again this year to pick our pumpkins again!

Pumpkin Picking At Farringtons Farm

Farringtons Farm is based at Home Farm, Farrington Gurney, Near Bristol. We arrived just after lunchtime last Saturday, and it was already really busy! Safe to say it's a very popular place! But the pumpkin patch itself is absolutely huge, so there's no issue of running out of pumpkins! When you arrive you walk up through the car park (fields) on the temporary paths to the pumpkin patch.

I'd definitely recommend wearing wellies, even if it's not particularly wet. The walkways and fields are well trodden, meaning they can be slippery and muddy! I'd also recommend not bringing pushchairs if you can avoid it. There's pretty much no way you'll be able to get through the patch with a pushchair.

So when you arrive at the pumpkin patch, you can happily stroll on through, taking all the photos and choosing which pumpkins you'd like to take home! (There are also wheelbarrows available to borrow if you need them!)

We spent a good 20-30 minutes walking through the patch, looking for our perfect pumpkins, and then you can head to the washing and payment area. After giving your pumpkin a good scrub if needed, you'll need to pay for it.

I decided to go for a 'Munchkin' pumpkin as they were cute and dinky, and also £1.50 (or so) and my eldest two went for 'Small' pumpkins which were £3 each. The pumpkins range from Munchkin size to extra large (costing £8+ which is quite a lot for a pumpkin if you ask me!) I get it, it's about the novelty of choosing and 'picking your own' pumpkin, but that is one pricey pumpkin! In all honesty, I couldn't justify spending that much on one, let alone a wheelbarrow full of XL ones!

I remember last year when we visited we had a fun tractor ride, another very seasonally appropriate activity but we decided against it this year. We didn't have the option of paying for the tractor ride separately, as you had to buy an 'activity pass' to get to have a ride. Bare in mind the tractor ride is about 5 minutes long, so not really worth the £4 each it would cost as we had to pay for the pass.

The activity pass included a carving kit, carving activity, a story and a short movie. I felt my little ones were too young for all these extra activities, so we didn't want to pay for them but as I mentioned, we then couldn't have a tractor ride, so we were all a bit disappointed! I'd much prefer to be able to pay for the different activities separately! My littlest, who is 9 months, would have really enjoyed the tractor ride, but of course she couldn't carve a pumpkin or watch a movie, a shame really.

Overall though, we did enjoy our visit to Farringtons Farm this year, and my little ones are so pleased with the pumpkins they chose, I just wish we were able to enjoy the other activities too, without being obliged to do it all!

Have you been pumpkin picking this year? 

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