7 Tips For Feeding Your Family On A Budget

From the very first time I went 'food shopping' for myself, I've done it on a budget. I like to have a set amount of what I am going to spend, and stick to it! My mum always plans ahead and writes shopping lists and I'm sure that's something I've learnt from her. It's just second nature to me now and I've never done any different! Learning to stick to a budget is a great way to improve your relationship with money, and buying just what you need - not whatever you want!

7 Tips For Feeding Your Family On A Budget
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Because of this, I'd like to say I'm a bit of a pro at shopping on a budget and getting the most for my money each time I go food shopping! I've learnt how to buy and cook easy, filling but healthy meals for our family, as well as trying out a new recipe each week too! We've tried a new casserole recipe this week, and I'm looking up gluten free bread recipes to give a go next week

So I wanted to share a few of the tips and tricks I use, for feeding your family on a budget!

Plan Your Meals
Again, something I have literally always done since I began shopping for myself. Some weeks I plan breakfast, lunches and dinner meals, or sometimes it's just dinner - either way, it can save a huge amount of money when you know what you are going to eat before you head to the shop! If you are needing some meal ideas, I definitely recommend heading over to Pinterest for some inspiration

Check All Your Food Cupboards
Before you head to the shop, be sure to look through all your food cupboards and take note of what you already have, and what you've ran out of. It'll stop you buying something that you think you might need, but actually already have, and it'll save money if you already have some ingredients for meals you have planned. Be sure to check essentials such as cereal, bread, beans, pasta etc and if you need to top up.

Stock Up On Essentials
Always, always, if you can, stock up on essentials too. Without fail, every single week I buy two loaves of bread, 6 pints of milk, fruit, and a couple of tins of beans. It sounds weird, but beans are so cheap and they are fantastic for just popping in the cupboard when you need an emergency quick meal! Depending on what your essentials are, check your cupboards and see if you need to replenish!

Write A Shopping List
As I mentioned above, I've always written a shopping list before going for a big shop. Once you've planned your meals, and checked your cupboards you should know exactly what you need to buy for what meals. Once you added those ingredients to your list, and your essentials, you just need to add the few extra bits you need such as toilet roll, fruit juice, fruit & veg and you're good to go! Try to buy fruit and veg that are in season to save you some money too. If you tend to stick to one supermarket, and physically go to the shop, try to picture you are walking down the different aisles and jot down what you might need. You could even write your list in the order of how you walk around the shop - it'll save you so much time!

Look Out For Vouchers/Coupons
Keep an eye out for vouchers and coupons for your go to shop. If you shop in store, I recommend doing a quick google search such as 'Lidl Vouchers' to see if anything recent pops up! If you shop online, I really really recommend the Honey browser extension. It automatically searches through discount codes to see if any are suitable, it's saved me so much money in the past!

Batch Cook & Reheat
Save those leftovers! I went a year or so without having a proper freezer, and the amount of food wasted was unbearable! Make sure you save any leftovers from meals in a suitable container, and they can make the perfect quick lunch or dinner when you are in a rush or fancy something different! If you can stretch your budget a bit (after using my above tips!) why not try making a slightly larger meal than normal, and batch cook your meals to store for later occasions. Nothing gets wasted and you can save yourself a bunch of money, and time!

Clean Fridge And Freezer
Before I head out shopping, I like to go through my fridge and freezer to see what I've got. Again to make sure I don't buy something I already have, but also to clear out anything, clean it down and make some space for the food shop! Bring the older products towards the front so you remember to use them before the new things you buy so again, nothing gets wasted!

Do you have any other tips for shopping on a budget?

7 Tips For Feeding Your Family On A Budget

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