{AD/Review} VAX Blade 2 Max Vacuum Cleaner

VAX Blade 2 Max Vacuum Cleaner

As a family of 5 (plus two hairy cats!), a decent, powerful vacuum cleaner is an absolute essential. We vacuum downstairs twice a day minimum, sometimes more, so we needed something that could withstand that much use, while staying as powerful as it it from day one. 
So I was delighted to be able to review the VAX Blade 2 Max. An impressive vacuum cleaner that has been proven to clean carpets better than the UK's top 10 cordless vacuums. (Based on Jan-2018 data)

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Unfortunately we tend to go through a lot of vacuum cleaners, I think purely from overuse. All of our previous vacuum cleaners can't seem to withstand the amount we use it, so I am keen to find out how well this cleaner can cope, as soon as it arrived, I was eager to give it a go.
 I'm a huge fan of cordless vacuums as I just find them so much easier, particularly as I've got our littlest baby toddling around now. I either need to be able to do a quick sweep of the house, without constant plugging and unplugging, and it's so much safer without having leads dragging all over the house. (My littlest has now discovered how much she likes to bite leads!!).

The VAX Blade 2 Max was really easy to unpack from the box and put together. It came with 2 separate attachments as well as the main cleaner - a crevice tool and a dusting brush. I don't tend to use the dusting brush, as I just use a duster, but I use the crevice tool everyday. It's perfect to getting to those harder to reach places such as under the sofas or under the dining table! 

Another thing I love about this cleaner is that you are able to detach the main cleaning head and easily change it to a handheld cleaner. I tend to use the vacuum cleaner normally, but I use it as a handheld when I need to clean the stairs, mattresses or upholstery. It's so quick to switch it to a handheld, and switch it back - so you can easily vacuum your whole house in one swoop. 

The battery life lasts from approximately 45 minutes, so it's plenty of time to go through your whole house. It has three modes to help you get a really good clean. The first mode is just your average clean, perfect for hard floors or areas that don't really need a more thorough clean. The second mode (activated by pressing the circle button) switches on the brushbar and light, allows a more powerful clean on carpets and the third mode, which is boost mode allows a really powerful clean of more stubborn or dirty areas. In all honesty, I don't really use the boost mode that often but it's a fantastic option to have and really works well. 

With all the different options available, normal mode, brushbar mode, boost mode and even handheld mode - I can't really fault the VAX Blade 2 at all. It's everything you'd want in a vacuum cleaner. It handles hair, pet fur and food crumbs like a dream, so cleaning up after 3 kids and 2 cats is so easy. The vacuum cleaner doesn't take up much space, particularly if you use the wall attachment, as it's long as opposed to wide so it can safely be stored upright and out of the way.

If you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner for your family home, I definitely recommend giving the VAX Blade 2 Max a go, I'm very impressed.

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