{AD/Review} Baby Clementoni Ride On Unicorn & Clemmy Soft Blocks

Baby Clementoni Ride On Unicorn & Clemmy Soft Blocks Review

Over the past few years, all of a sudden, everyone is become completely obsessed with unicorns, am I right? Including my kids too! 

We were recently invited to try out the Baby Clementoni Ride On Unicorn, I knew my little ones would love it, we couldn't wait for it to arrive!

This is the perfect gift for any unicorn obsessed toddlers as it's actually a three in one toy! First and foremost, it's a fun ride on toy, it can also be attached to a base to become a rocker, and the unicorn is also a lovely activity center too!

The Baby Clementoni Ride On Unicorn has lots of interactive elements to help your little ones imagination blossom! From teaching them their ABC's to animal noises, rhymes and songs, and even the option to learn them all in Spanish as well as English!

There is a little bit of assembly when it comes to putting the unicorn together, but it's not too difficult or time consuming. You'll need to attach the wheels, fix the rocker element together, attach the handlebars and decorate with the stickers and their sweet little unicorn is good to go!

The unicorn is aimed at 12-36 month old children, so it will be ideal for my littlest who is going to be 1 next month. It could be the perfect toy to grow with her, and I know she would get a lot of use and playtime out of it. It might even encourage her to say her first words, as well as strengthen her little legs and improve her balance too.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the Baby Clementoni Ride On Unicorn! It's really great quality, and made of strong, sturdy and stable material, and it's freaking adorable! I love the fact that it introduces your little ones to so much language, as we know they soak everything up they hear. So it's great to introduce them to noises, words, songs and even other languages at such a young age. I also really love that it can be switched from a rocking horse (unicorn) to a ride on with wheels, so easily. 

The Baby Clementoni Interactive Ride On Unicorn would make a wonderful gift for any young unicorn fans! It retails at £34.99 on Amazon.

We were also kindly given the opportunity to review some Clemmy Soft Blocks

Clemmy Soft Blocks are lovely, colourful blocks for babies! They are soft and squishy, but also stackable, so it means that your littlest ones can safely squash and chew while playing with these fab little blocks. 

Clemmy Soft Blocks are easy to build and to knock down, and they are ideal if your little ones are teething and wanting to bite down on everything they touch, or even if they are at the stage of throwing things! Haha. You know they aren't going to hurt themselves, or anyone else with these super squishy blocks.

My littlest really loves blocks at the moment, particularly biting them or knocking down towers so these are a huge hit in our house. 

The Clemmy Soft Blocks (24 pack) are a fantastic price at £11.99 at the moment and like I said, they really are the perfect little gift for young children and babies. Perfect for teething or playtime, as well as helping to develop imagination, role play and motor skills too.

Are you looking for gift ideas for little ones at the moment?

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